ABC's of Political Reform: Over 100 Political Reform Issues to Clean Up American Bureaucracy! ABC’s of Political Reform
Over 100 Political Reform Issues!  
  About the trojan horse 2008 campaign for political reform and american social-political environment spectrum balanced supreme court representation but catastrophic disaster and clean up american bureaucracy and conservative liberal views for diffuse concentrated special interest and established political norm and legislating issues of reform of older schools of thought and presidential line item addition for constitutional public outrage and raising the legal standard because reform american politics bureaucracy and reinvent new political solutions and supported legislation when watchdog organization oversight.   john edwards senator barrack obama senator hillary clinton stephen rush trojan horse democratic party candidates It is easy to support a platform of political reform when one's reform policy creates government reform from a centrist methodology.   2008 campaign presidential election 2008 primary 2008 election 2008 presidential campaign The road to the whitehouse, with the 2008 presidential primary and the 2008 presidential election is all about presidential elections in the 2008 election, comprised of states 2008 presidential primaries and 2008 caucuses for 2008 presidential candidates and former presidential candidates who wish to run in 2008 as a 2008 presidential candidate for the 2008 presidential campaign as a 2008 presidential contender and the presidential bid in the national election for american politics to elect presidents.   senator john mccain mayor rudy giuliani mitt romney republican candidates republican party Many political races have elected president a democratic candidate for the democratic party, such as FDR who rush for reform and after 100 days rush campaign to fix the economy, his brush for president questioned his advisors. Should Stephen L. Rush decide to begin the rush for reform 2008.   political reform government reform centrist politics quantum politics rush for reform rush 2008 You can join rush and contribute to campaign in this political race with campaign contributions, because the political action committee for presidential committee.  Steve Rush is known for being the applied quantum politics author who invented a centrist policy that attracts bi-partisan support to get legislative reform from democratic leaders (democratic candidates and democrats in power) in the democratic party.   2008 candidate presidential campaign 2008 presidential election presidential primary Stephen LeRoy Rush, a servant of the people, is a progressive democrat that might be considered a moderate democrat or a centrist democrat for his social democrat and conservative democrat views, as a business leader and latino leader being a community leader and fiscally responsible.   national election political race road to the whitehouse 2008 presidential race 2008 caucus Rush achievements and Rush speeches can be viewed on Rush site filled with Rush issues on Rush democrat ideas, such as Rush for america and ABC’s of Reform, aka ABC’s of Political Reform where political reform uses quantum politics as a methodology to curb congressional corruption, repair the national economy, plan an anti-terrorism strategy, deal with the war in iraq, help katrina victims, resolve health care crisis and oil crisis, develop educational progress.   john edwards senator barrack obama senator hillary clinton stephen rush democratic party candidates To deal with the corrupt congress, Stephen Rush’s plan includes inconsecutive terms, term limits, illegalize pork, surrogate voting, and a modern jury duty.   2008 campaign presidential election 2008 primary 2008 election 2008 presidential campaign For his economic plan, he will pay off the national debt, protect social security, reign in the economic winter, support the shrinking middle-class, court the federal reserve, reduce the trade deficit, create jobs, shorten the kondratieff wave.   senator john mccain mayor rudy giuliani mitt romney republican candidates republican party His foreign policy and terrorism strategy proposes plans to exit iraq, treat civilians with dignity, capture renegade nuclear programs, restrict the patriot act, approve 9/11 commission recommendations, have rookies use less lethal weapons.   political reform government reform centrist politics quantum politics rush for reform rush 2008 Concerning global environment, he proposes flex-fuel cars, working toward oil independence, averting environmental calamity with ethanol fuel, discourage road rage, and amend the kyoto accord.   2008 candidate presidential campaign 2008 presidential election presidential primary He is also big on human rights and special education, like hurricane katrina victims and autism.   john edwards senator barrack obama senator hillary clinton stephen rush democratic party candidates Please address your candidate donation to: rush for reform, rush for president, rush campaign, rush for america, rush 2008, or rush㤐.   2008 campaign presidential election 2008 primary 2008 election 2008 presidential campaign It is expected that Stephen L. Rush will be the presidential frontrunner and the democratic party nominee since he is the only candidate with a solid plan, knowing the political action committees for Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John McCain, and Rudy Giuliani have not posted their ideas to deal with the expected oil crisis, inverted-population health care crisis, looming economic crisis, and suspected environmental crisis, let alone the lack of strategy for terrorism and the war in Iraq.   National Directory

      A political ideal can be simultaneously liberal and conservative in its inherent focus simply by removing the objectionable component to the issue.
Stephen L. Rush is the author of ` applied quantum politics ’  –   the belief where a political ideal can be simultaneously liberal and conservative in its inherent focus simply by removing the objectionable component to the issue that keeps opposing viewpoints polarized, supposing that what remains must be amenable.
(Not to be confused with 'theoretical quantum politics' by Theodore Becker.)

ABC’s of Reform

Over 100 Political Issues of Reform to Clean Up American Bureaucracy!
Applied Quantum Politics
by Stephen L. Rush

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Bank Bailout

This National Policy Will:

Curb Congressional Corruption:
A. Mandate Inconsecutive Terms.
B. Force Approval for Extra Spending.
C. Audit Randomly & Illegalize Pork.

Command a Post-9/11 Defense:
A. Stop Terror, Rebuild, & Exit Iraq.
B. Close Gaps in 9/11 Anti-Terrorism Security.
C. Modernize Military & Its Image.

Heal the Planet:

A. Work Toward Oil Independence.
B. Create Jobs and Enviro-tech Grants.
C. Negotiate Enviro-tech Trade.

Improve The Justice System:
A. Provide Surrogate-County Voting.
B. Modernize Jury Selection.
C. Charge Frivolous Suits To Lawyers.
Secure The Economy:

A. Start Paying Back National Debt.
B. Fund & Protects Social Security.
C. Prevent Energy & Trade Crisis.

Reform American Politics:

A. Define Methodology of Resolve.
B. Seek Bi-partisan Congressional Support.
C. Settle Latent Domestic Issues.

Make Health Care Affordable:
A. Cap Malpractice to 3x Income.
B. Require Savings Be Passed Down.
C. Import Generics For Medicare Recipients.

Resolve Inequalities:
A. Make Education About Learning.
B. Give Jobs To Homeless & Gangs.
C. Curb Prejudice For All Citizens.

      The purpose of a National Policy based on a Centrist Methodology is to get instant Congressional support.   Many politicians have solutions for America, but Presidents that try to keep the issues polarized want to keep their party in power, and leave nearly all of their political issues unresolved for decades, at the expense of suffering Americans.   Isn't it time to get things done that can be done?  

Big-E Issues:

Economy   Energy   Environment      

Big-I Issues:

Iraq   Immigration   Oil Independence  

Abortion & Reproductive Health

      A key barometer of a country's health is in how it defines its sexual attitudes toward science, women's rights, and education.   Family values and societal advances do not need to be at odds with each other:

America does not need to be divided over stem cell research.
♦   Fund Umbilical cord blood stem cell research and cataloguing using current stem cell program Aid.
♦   Abolish Embryonic research, and encourage envitro adoption.
      This issue is easy to discern.   When an issue such as stem cells is polarized, patients must wait without any hope for a cure.   There is simply no reason to use embryos when other stem cells exist.   Because, no one is against cord blood.

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Stephen Rush is the man of the hour.

Its acceptable to be concerned about women’s rights, but not at the expense of women.
♦   Promote Life-Choice coalitions to reduce teen pregnancies.
♦   Regulate clinic safety and discourage unnecessary outpatient hemorrhaging (James).
♦   Abolish the heinous, inhumane practice of partial-birth.
      According to a Sociology study at Ohio State University in 1995 by an Associate Professor, it is the act of sexual intercourse and not pregnancy that triggers in women a refocus from being career-minded toward the notion of homemaker.   Despite how politically incorrect this college study was, this finding is actually very important to defining the prioritization of women's rights.   Understand, if having an abortion has no affect on one's financial choices, but in fact sexual activity decides one's career advancement, then the reduction of teen pregnancies becomes everyone's concern.  

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Stephen Rush has the strategy.

Reproductive kits are not our first priority, education is.
♦   Discourage UN from distributing reproductive kits in war torn areas until after the Red Cross can distribute food, clothing, and temporary shelter.
♦   Promote Balanced Sex Education.

      An article on the war in Kosovo stated that abortificants were distributed to ethnic Albanians prior to the Red Cross delivery of water, food, blankets, and temporary shelter.   Keep in mind, the only purpose for reproductive kits after a war has very little to do with wanting to have sex.   Rape victims have my sympathy; they do.   But, America's notion of sexuality is not balanced when political agendas take precedent over people's survival needs.   Human rights always supercede the importance of any other rights, including women's rights.  

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Stephen Rush is sincere.

Benefit Programs

      How this country cares for its own determines the amount of unrest exists in its heart.   Here are some of the voices crying out to be heard:

Why should vets have to die waiting in line?
♦   Reduce Veteran hospital access and disability approval time.

      There are now numerous studies and documentaries on this subject; it is justified to raise concern.   American leaders simply need to carry out the recommendations proposed by those journalists.  

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Stephen Rush knows the economy.

Let’s make sure every homeless person has a job that wants one and get Katrina victims working, too.
♦   Organize construction unions workshops for Katrina Victims, teach them 3 skills each and rebuild the Southern States.
♦   Create Citizen Involvement & Corporate Sponsorship Job Works for underprivileged.

      The biggest problem with New Orleans is that the local government is expecting the people to point out what needs to be done, and the refugees are expecting the government to rebuild so they can return.   Many of these are people out of resources, out of work, and stealing to survive - as noted by higher crime rates in Houston and elsewhere.   So, might as well teach them skills in intensive workshops and have them return in force.   Here, adapted from my original idea for reconstruction, the notion of Corporate Vouchers and Blight Removal can be used to put the Katrina Refugees to work on their own homes.   One storm destroyed a city; another storm can rebuild it.  

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Stephen Rush is a man of action.

Bridge the gaps between welfare and income.
♦   Extend Welfare During Probationary Employment.
♦   Adjust Expected Family Contribution tables.
♦   Keep economic pressures from encroaching on the middle class.

      The biggest reason behind these provisions is the leap of credit one takes when pursuing gainful employment following economic hardship.   As a point of law, it makes sense the government would stop provide relief checks upon hire, whether that be unemployment, social security, or welfare monies.   However, hiring is almost always in advance of starting on the clock, and even more common is a three week delay in cutting the paycheck.   The only thing that adds up under the current practice are the bills.  

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Stephen Rush knows the times we live in.

Indians do not wonder whether poverty exists.
♦   Reduce Bureau of Indian Affairs Bureaucracy.
♦   Guarantee 51% or more of Bureau Chiefs will be Indians.

      Aside from some of the provisions for Chocktaws, most Indian compacts are not as equitable as they could be.   The reason for revising any guidelines at all comes from the premise that to ensure one does no harm, the current policy may be inadequite to meet their needs.  

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Stephen Rush is a strong leader.

The mission of the foster care system is to ensure a loving environment.
♦   Establish new Social Services rules for disgruntled informants.

      Children need to be protected from harm, not harmony.   When children have learned to manipulate the rules that govern parent-child relationships, its time to get new rules.  

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Stephen Rush cares for you.


      A songwriter from Memphis once said that true peace is when people can sleep at night.   The innocent should be brought home and the criminal caught:

Evidence for the defense is not always apparent in Death Penalty cases.
♦   Allow Preponderance Of Innocence As Compelling New Evidence in death penalty cases.

      It took a long time and a lot of thought to develop a framework for the unjustly accused to seek remedy that DNA doesn't already cover.   The law has limitations because it is designed to be a detterant not a means of prevention.   With that understanding, there should be a better means for processing unjustly accused and truly innocent.  

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Stephen Rush is this generation.

The war on drugs is not over, but the debate should be.
♦   Prevent & reduce drug use through education and counseling.
♦   Tighter border and port control using a combination of technology and dog patrols for container searches.

      There are those that would debate whether certain drugs should be legal.   It is not that simple.   The liberties that Americans enjoy are because the English law deviated from the Romans and proposed its citizens are "innocent until proven guilty".   This English-based law is designed with three purposes: to protect us from others, ourselves, and government.   The assault on drugs actually perpetuates our liberties in effect when illegalizing the corruption that naturally accompanies drug trafficking and peddlers.   Now, there have been recent studies that suggest legalization of drugs will benefit society, but prior to druig laws being inacted, corruption and harm were proportionate to the power the drugs exerted.   Perhaps one might argue whether and how much harm takes place, but it is more difficult to argue about their power over the people.   That doesn't mean Americans can't have non-hallucinegenic and non-addicting versions legalized (but, where's the fun in that?).   Some issues simply have no middle ground.

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Stephen Rush understands latinos.

Disaster Preparedness

      America is grappling with the notion that its President should not lift the hammer of reconstruction himself.   However, U.S. citizens are equally dismayed at the lack of organized response to recent disasters:

Katrina victims are another chapter in forced relocations of history unless we act.
♦   Establish construction trade job creation for Hurricane Katrina Victims and bring them home.

      As is explained in the essay, Americans should not treat people this way.   That is reason enough.  

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Rush will take on special interest.

Congress needs to adjust their spending during crisis.
♦   Congress needs to extend emergency aid for Hurricane Katrina Victims.
♦   Revise Congressional Spending Forecast during national disasters (Scarborough).

      Its amazing, the political machine in Washington.   Shouldn't there be some financial flexibility when disasters strike?   Simply amazing.  

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Stephen Rush is wise.

It would be nice to set in motion contingencies for the disasters that cannot be prevented (See essay on Hurricane Katrina mistakes).
♦   Since communications are typically down during disasters, coordinate National Preparedness Plan with media to utilize their satellite-capable presence on site.
♦   Create room for a Disaster Relief Fund in the national budget.
♦   Restrict zoning and issue training & permits for a new Volcanic Yellow Hazard Zone.

      When Hurrican Katrina hit, communication was crucial but not available.   When Mt. St. Helens errupted, U.S. Geological Survey knew the blast zone calculations were all wrong, but did not have the statutory authority to evacuate.   It only makes sense to change that.  

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Stephen Rush has the answers.

Some natural disasters can be prevented using common sense in advance instead of throwing money at it after.
♦   Regulate preventative construction.   See essay on Reclaiming Coastlines.
♦   Mandate waterless grass or rain and heat controlled underground drip sprinklers for all new landscaped construction in drought prone areas.  

      It may be a little cheaper to use wood-framed construction in tornado alleys, but the human cost doesn't come cheap.   It may be a little easier to ignore drought conditions when building homes, but it is not funny to have to conserve when blatent abuses when wasting precious resources.   It may be common sense.  

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Stephen Rush is sincere.

Fires tend to get out of control when the wind shifts direction.
♦   Establish criteria for setting backfires during parched or windy conditions.

      The purpose of this idea is to protect homeowners from firemen who are not careful enough.  

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Stephen Rush is the man of the hour.

Environment & Energy

      Businesses may be reluctant to change with the latest environmental forecast.   However, there are environmental measures that can be pursued within America's economic means:

Environmentally Conscious is good business.
♦   Encourage corporate elimination of waste with cost-saving environmental innovation (See
Convenient Truths).
♦   Fund highway improvements that reduce congestion and accidents.
♦   Educate public on evidence that greenhouse gases have upset the Earth's natural isostatic balance and accelerated global warming (See Is Our Globe Really Warming?).

      There is a concern that being environmental means using more expensive technology, and that is simply not true.   Short-term technology is more expensive, but like most everything else on the market, some costs are about the same and others may have benefits that are offset well into the future.   In McGraw-Hill's Annual Editions of Business Ethics 03/04, 15th Edition, numerous accounts exist where businesses have profited by using social responsibility as their marketing campaign while at the same time improving standards and practice.   Legislation that defines a means for businesses to profit from being a little more environmentally conscious in their decision making will not hurt anyone.  

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Stephen Rush has the strategy.

Businesses have had land seized to prevent killing endangered species.
♦   Reduce Hostile Environmental Impact Studies and create Environmental Harmony.

      It really is counter-productive for the EPA to demand unreasonable and uncompromising courses of action.   Ross Perot reportedly would shoot protected squirrels rather than have his land seized (Annual Editions of Business Ethics 03/04, 15th Edition).   It is better to raise the bar at a threshhold that fosters a healthy working relationship with the EPA and boasts 93% compliance as opposed to secretly not complying.  

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Stephen Rush knows the economy.

Technology exists for advanced fisheries, yet Alaskan fishermen still risk their lives every winter to put food on the table.
♦   Promote Alaskan Pollack advanced fisheries.

      Overfishing has many negative outcomes, but can be broken into 3 categories: eco-systems, food supply, and fishermen's lives.   The technology for advanced fisheries and overfishing monitoring are not perfected, but should be for all of those reasons.  

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Stephen Rush is a strong leader.

Strike a balance between incentive, regulation, and technology for environmentally-efficient power (See Convenient Truths).
♦   Build today what future generations need.

      America may not have all of the technological answers today for tomorrow's environmental concerns, but it is high time we got started.  

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Stephen Rush is a man of action.

Favor regenerative power.
♦   Encourage wind, commuter, solar, and hydroelectric power.

      A recent commercial by T. Boone Pickens points out the obvious reasons for such a policy: energy from our own backyard makes sense.  

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Stephen Rush knows the times we live in.

Favor renewable power.
♦   Encourage diesel powered back-up generator fuel alternatives and programs for bio-diesel, ethanol, trash fumes, and methane basins.

      Renewable energy is easy to understand.   Did you know corn stalks, wheat straw, and cotton branches are composted, thrown away, or burned?   Did you know there is 2/3 organic material in trash (See   There is enough organic material in all of these to fuel every car in America (See   Renewable energy spells oil independence, plain and simple.  

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Stephen Rush cares for you.

Favor responsible power.
♦   Require nuclear plants to increasingly rely on Manhattan Project's bio-remediation techniques (organic breakdown of radiated molecules) as opposed to Yucca Mountain storage.
♦   Require all nuclear power construction to incorporate the highest standard of human error contingency protocols and redundancy technologies.

      When it comes to Yucca Mountain nuclear storage facility in Clark County, Nevada, the whole thing is less than desirable.   The rock of this man-made cavern is made up of calcified limestone and the site exists on a fault line near the Colorado River in the caldera of an extinct super volcano near the city of Las Vegas.   Is there a better way to store nuclear waste?   Organic processes have been used to chemically alter Uranium into inert substances, like lead.   That's how this government should plan its nuclear program.  

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Stephen Rush is this generation.

Foreign Policy

      How the United States fosters relationships and the way it is perceived on the world stage is vital to America's economy, safety, and security.   The image that a country projects stems from its policy and how it treats its allies, neighboring countries, and trading partners:

To purposefully escalate a confrontation with Preemptive Strikes is like a bullet in the back.
♦   Frown on preemptive attacks of enemy nations without Eminent Threat.
♦   Favor reconstruction before the destruction.

      Obviously, this is in answer to the handling of the War in Iraq.   After 11 years of breaking United Nations resolutions, oppression of his own people, and genocide of ethnic Kurds, there is nothing wrong with the ousting of Saddam Huessin.   However, President Bush felt it was necessary to bomb insurgents, but, at the cost to civilian lives.   That is the problem.  Because as a voice for human rights, America should not treat people that way, and it becomes necessary to establish foriegn policies that counter reckless abuses of power.

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Stephen Rush has the answers.

When leaving out key players in world conflicts, we pay dearly for it.
♦   Legally recognize Regimes and their Rebel Leaders to resolve peaceful negotiations.

      President Bush the 43rd, almost provoked Iran and North Korea into war with his stance on "Axis of Evil".   Rather, it would be prefered to have policies that compel nations to negotiate.   Recognizing regimes does that.  

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Rush will take on special interest.

Ethnic cleansing tends to occur where we are not allowed to see it.
♦   Abolish Ethnic-Interest No-fly Zones.

      This is a foriegn policy that is hard to declare, because it could mean resistance to the peace process.   But, think of the consequences of not having UN planes inspecting movement on the ground.   It is a question of ethics not military strategy, although questions of practicality may render this policy ineffective.  

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Stephen Rush is the man of the hour.

Cause peace by examplary gestures.
♦   Establish International Business Language using Phonetically Similar Constructs for European, Arabic, and Eastern cultures.
♦   Honor the Belfast Agreement.  Honor the West Bank Settlement until Gaza refugees and Right of Return can be negotiated.
♦   Promote strict internment training and punish scandalous acts by military personnel.

      Gestures of trust go a long way to promote peace and good relations with our global neighbors in general.   Also, it is our character under pressure that defines us.   Maybe if we take the higher moral ground, someone might do likewise.   Then peace will not be so out of reach.  

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Stephen Rush is sincere.

Many presidents have not been strong moral leaders and wait to act on human rights violations.
♦   Improve assistance to domestic terrorism and modernize our military.

      There are many potential costs to providing assistance for human rights issues.   But, they are all worth it.  

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Stephen Rush is wise.

America can be the world’s insurance against flood.
♦   Encourage participation and provide Tsunami Warning System Foreign Coordination.

      Tsunami Warning System technology exists, but not everywhere and not state-of-the-art.   The toll to human life and property in 2005 was staggering, but could have been avoided.   America can improve its relations on the global stage and provide this technology in exchange for trade deficit notes, thereby relieving two problems at once.  

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Stephen Rush understands latinos.

Gay Issues

      The law has limitations in that it discourages harmful actions against citizens by escalating the consequences.   However, the law does not provide means to illegalize sin nor legislate immorality because that encourages further offense.   In that sense, the issue of what can be done for gay citizens is also limited at the risk of sending civil rights back to the dark ages:

Gays and religious groups need to “knock it off”!
♦   Reject Veiled Aggression masquerading as Hate Crime persecution “to or from” either vigilante cults or victimized homosexual communities.

      In my findings, Christians are not always the aggressors and gays are not the only victims.   These two communities have to have some ground rules, and this framework sets proper boundaries.  

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Stephen Rush has the strategy.

Citizens have a Constitutional right to find work, no matter what their sexual orientation.
♦   Guarantee homosexuals the right to general employment.

      Centrist methodology works because anyone who is a citizen gets the protection from government that they need.  Simple.

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Stephen Rush knows the economy.

Gays should have identical medical benefits afforded to the common man.
♦   Establish a broader definition of "Reciprocal Beneficiaries" to make benefits to gays politically feesible.
     •   Implement insurance programs and visitation rights for friends as dependents (See list of Medical Benefits).

      Even if there is disagreement over what constitutes discrimination, or whether being gay is a lifestyle choice or not, the root factor is that gays in America have rights as citizens and any discrimination on that basis alone should be corrected.   That is the minimum!

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Stephen Rush is a strong leader.

The issue of homosexual couple adoption should be decided upon now.
♦   Enact easier adoption process and encourage compassionate programs.
♦   Allow homosexual couples to adopt in special circumstances.

      Okay, in reality this is not just a gay issue because the entire system is inadequate.   Certainly, it needs fixing either way.  

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Stephen Rush is a man of action.

Homeland Security & Immigration

      Even with all the technology in existence, it is still a highly complex enterprise to protect citizens from unwanted threats while allowing highly sought immigrants in America's borders.   However, the government does have a laundry list of things it knows it can do to improve this policy:

Homeland Security:
We have yet to follow 9/11 Commission recommendations.
♦   Act on all 9/11 Commission proposals, and insights according to Council on National Security Reform and the History Channel, along with adding a Dignitary Protection Program.

      How President Bush gets around not following the 9/11 recommendations: invasion of our privacy.   Easier isn't always right.   Aside from improper profiling on TSA's watch list, maybe its time to stick to the book.  

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Stephen Rush knows the times we live in.

Security forces should gain support for democracy.
♦   Focus on Terrorism by gaining anti-terrorist support while building counter-insurgency defenses and strategies.

      Here are a set of strategies that should be used and are not currently being used.   They are a bit technical (See Homeland Security Cafe), but they are Oil-spot, Red Fire ant, and Othello.   Oil-spot is where a team spreads out from one position and holds it by gaining trust of locals rather than moving on.   Red Fire Ant uses the enemy's desire to encroach into certain areas against themselves in several ways; one being so they move into an ambush en masse.   Othello is a fancy name for simply turning strengths into weaknesses and weaknesses into strengths, like giving border lands to ethnic Kurds to warn of invasion forces.   Essentially, just because America's historical strength has been big guns, does not mean those are our only options.  

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Stephen Rush cares for you.

Believe in defense for the sake of defense, not “offense”.
♦   Award all participating defense contractors a percentage of the Fair Competetive Bid according to the amount of their qualified bid.
♦   Require U.S. troop close family ties to curb gender disrespect .

      First, a large portion of the bidding process for defense contracts creates animosity, lost jobs, corruption, and a host of other problems that can all be resolved by inclusion.   Second, aggressive tensions tend to build up when soldiers do not see their families for extended periods.   The simple truth is, not taking care of our own results in havoc and a clear policy can change that.  

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Stephen Rush is this generation.

INS officers are the only ones who understand how to use their forms.
♦   Immigration Form simplification.
♦   Offer Resident Aliens classes in cultural integration.

      After careful review, even agents did not properly understand the INS.   The legal verbage needs to be included by reference only, but it is high time someone over there spoke English.  

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Stephen Rush understands latinos.

INS should not be in the business of creating sweatshops and breaking up families.
♦   Ensure fair-immigration labor while discouraging indentured smuggling and abandonment.

      There are cases where children are deported without their parents.   Es muy estupido.  

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Rush will take on special interest.

INS is so backward, they approve aliens that have already been deported.
♦   Shorten visa extension response time and improve information systems.

      The reasons behind recommending a policy that improves the INS system is: accuracy and urgency.   I would hate to be deported.  

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Stephen Rush is wise.

Income Tax

      No one would be against saving money on their taxes.   There are some policies, however, that should be made permanent:

No one should pay more than their fair share.
♦   Place maximums on individual and business tax for both state and federal.
♦   Adjust tax levels to aid the middle class.

      Middle class Americans are fed up with paying too much in taxes while at the same time suffering from a host of other financial crisis: the housing bubble, job outsourcing, weakened dollar, uninsured homeopathic needs, child and elderly care burdens, higher insurance rates, rising gasoline prices, to name a few.   We don't treat people this way!  

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Stephen Rush has the answers.

The poor get poorer and the rich have to hire tax professionals.
♦   Reduce poverty tax and simplify tax forms.
♦   Penalty and interest should not be assessed for extenuating circumstances.

      For the same reason as above, this economic decline should not be shouldered on the backs of the poor.  

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Stephen Rush is sincere.

Why are we paying farmers to not produce?
♦   Punish Agricultural Subsidy Abuse without upsetting the economy, by paying to produce Humanitarian Aid and Ethanol.
♦   Coordinate with farmers to use crop waste in Ethanol production
(See Ethanol).

      There were very good economic reasons for paying farmers with tax money, but things have changed and now subsidies are abused.   The real question is how to catch a thief.   Now, if the government were to start requiring production from these subsidies and put the produce to good use, there would be a whole world of good.  

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Stephen Rush is the man of the hour.

Justice & Liberty For All

      Government exists to prevent people from doing what is right in their own eyes at the expense of others.   However as a government ages over time, it often does not recognize when its traditions of practice have ventured away from the principles of the heritage that created it:

We need to modernize our justice system.
♦   Shorten and reduce Jury Duty process time and selection.
♦   Streamline Fair Sentencing Federal guidelines.
♦   Standardize Criteria to create Electronic Warrants.

      The basis for the justice system is rooted in the concept of community, and our founding forefathers were not aware of anything different.   For example, a jury of one's peers is intended to create safeguards against false accusation, but things have changed.   Instead of providing benefit to society, it wastes precious time.   The whole process should be updated to work well in our world and fit the way we live.  

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Stephen Rush has the strategy.

The Supreme Court should not make decisions based on popularity.
♦   Make the Supreme Court seats apportioned by Balanced Representation.
♦   Restrict Senate from probing unrelated personal information during nomination hearings.

      Most citizens in America do not realize that the Supreme Court does not always make decisions out of what is written in the Constitution, but decisions based on the idea of the Constitution.   For example, one precedent that happened to be used in Roe vs. Wade was the Right To Privacy case, 1965 Griswold vs. Connecticut, where it was illegal to counsel or distribute sexual reading material (per Supreme Court Reporter).   Privacy was not written in the Constitution, but in essence "protection against government intrusion" (illegal quarter) and "the right to give or receive information" (free speech) were.   Cases like Griswold vs. Connecticut are not based on the exact wording of the Constitution, but "enumerations" and extensions of those liberties.   Since there is a potential there for "Judicial Activism", it is foreseeable that another system of checks and balances should become policy, and that is the reason behind recommending a Balanced Court.  

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Stephen Rush knows the economy.

Congressional Reform:
Voters who work far from home should not have to vote as absentee.
♦   Establish surrogate voting centers for voters who work in a different county from where they live.
♦   Impose an extension of congressional courtesy for voters in a neighboring zip code or county who seek assistance from a representative not their own for issues based on where they conduct business or consumer activities.

      Several major metropolitan areas across the country have suburbs quite a distance from employment centers.   A law that ensures employees have the right to vote really doesn't work with 2 hour commutes, because half a day is lost just traveling.  

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If Congress were to balance the budget and respond favorably to limits, we would already be half-way to funding Social Security.
♦   Balance government spending.
♦   Enact Consecutive Term Limits.

      Balanced spending is sensible, but the real innovation of this proposal is Consecutive Term Limits.   Congress will not pass term limits and put themselves out of a job, yet something must be done to curb inequities and corruption.   A slight twist on term limits, consecutive limits forces Congress to fight for their own job.   More importantly, in the details of the Justice Café menu, Congress must spend their time fighting on consumers behalf.  

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Special interest groups should not have sole lobbying leverage just because they have more money.
♦   Fair Access for Unfunded Consumer-based Opposition lobbyists.
♦   Abolish secret riders (See essay on Secrecy).

      The Constitution gives the citizens of America the right to bring our grievances to Congress.   This policy is one such step toward bringing back liberties the Founding Fathers of this country envisioned for the people of this great country.  

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Stephen Rush knows the times we live in.

American voters want to have greater input in laws that are made.
♦   Give voters the option, where electronic voting exists, to select the individual components of the legislation proposed.
♦   Institute Presidential Line Item Addition for Constitutional Public Outrage.

      Ever find a particular piece of legislation a great idea, but the method of implementation or funding happens to be rediculous?   That would have made quite a difference in California's budget, had options for funding within Proposition 13 been properly scrutinized.   The attempt by polarized Legislative bodies to try to kill certain bills has disasterous consequences when voters are not entirely made aware of the implicaitons.  

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Kondratieff Wave Economics

      Each nation faces about a 100 year economic cycle.   Recent findings using economic data has revealed wars have been tied to reliance on key commodities such as petroleum, steel, tobacco, slaves, or spices.   Bombing Iraq for oil and outsourcing to China and India are both signs of economic stresses on the United States.   The President's economic policy is key to making America strong again and keep from unnecessary hardship and war (See
Global Depression).

♦   Use Kondratieff Wave Economics to:
     •   Prevent known economically-related disasters.  See Financial Sense essay.
     •   Stabilize Stocks and strengthen Producer Price ABCIndex.  Click on Café link below for a more detailed political platform.

      Is the economy an issue in 2008?   Do you know why?   Did we become aware of the consequences of the quick fix when President George W. Bush placed tarrifs on imported steel at the expense of allies and global neighbors to save our own skin?   Who has the answers, then?  
      Here's the deal: the economic policy proposed here is comprehensive because nothing comes easy anymore.   A 50 point plan is not ludicrous, it is a necessary evil to tweak and adjust a very complex set of workings.   No one else has a plan to preserve the global community and save our own economy at the same time.   That's not boasting: that's the reality of understanding why things work the way they do and quite simultaneously understanding the times in which we live as a function of the Inverted Population Pyramid and the season upon us known as the Economic Winter.   This Winter can be shortened; it just needed a little snow melt.

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Learning & Education

      Many politicians have ideas on how to make education better, but they are not educators.   Voters have recently complained that their children know techniques on how to take exams, but hidden strengths are not assessed and practical application is lacking.   So America needs policies that reflect clear standards, true, but not at the expense of learning:

Teachers should be rewarded for educational progress.
♦   Require National Assessment and Educational Progress to be the benchmark with teacher salaries tied to performance .

      Teachers have been underpaid and underappreciated.   Time to change that.  

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Schools should set goals that reflect the diversity of the student base.
♦   Promote core curriculum by pursuing an academic mission that incorporates the 9 modes of learning.

      Children learn in so many ways, and some are treated like second-class citizens if they do not learn a certain way.   The concern over whether to adapt the curriculum for every child is unfounded.   According to studies published by the Lindamood-Bell Learning Center, the presense of other modes of stimuli reinforces learning.   So, children should be given the tools they need to excel, not molded for trained responses.  

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Rush will take on special interest.

Schools should enforce criteria for learning.
♦   Quantify a raised GPA for extracurricular activity participation.

      Certain extracurricular activities should be a reward for being a good student.   Granted, this is not possible in every circumstance and definately not appropriate for children of special needs.   However, in many school districts across the nation, there are little in the way of guidelines and GPA to match, yet an incentive is a strong motivator.  

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Learning Environment:
Poverty shouldn’t keep non-auditory learners and Special Ed kids from understanding academics.
♦   Provide disadvantaged students learning alternatives.

      Some school districts have relegated teaching menial cleaning chores to students that do not make the grade.   One such school is located in the Cucamonga foothills of Mount Baldy, and parents that do not have the money to hire an attorney are in tears.   This kind of crime against the state is inhuman, and only a policy to the contrary will reverse the trend.   However, strict enforcement needs to be adhered to - by way of stripping their funding for every abuse encountered.  

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Parents are teachers, too.
♦   Encourage parent involvement.

      Parent involvement is a necessary component of learning.   It is rediculous to think that teachers should "go it alone".   Certainly, many parents need help and are struggling to take a more active role with their economic responsibilities and long commutes, but creating a sense of community of support around the student makes everyone's job easier.   Even in little increments helps.

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Special Education:
School Districts shouldn’t keep Special Education children from reaching academic goals out of budget concerns.
♦   Provide school districts with different funding basis for special education students.
♦   IEP Goals should not be tied to Free and Appropriate Public Education, but to the individual deficit of the child.
♦   School District Programs should not be based on IEP goals, but what should be deemed as Appropriate Intervention of the Deficit Education.

      The biggest problem with Special Education is funding; especially the laws that tie individualized student goals to program funding.   Here's why: the school gets the same amount for every child, but the needs for developmentally impaired are way disproportionate.   School districts that are under-funded begin denying services for children that need it the most, and a snowball effect occurs thereafter where all parties involved end up losing.   Everyone from the parents on to the district pays dearly, and the student is no better off when the dust clears.   But, there is hope.   If the funding can be tiered for different special education needs of each student, then appropriate education for those students do not have to be associated with any particular funding because there is enough to go around.   If the goals for the child are severed from the issue of funding, programs can then be offered based on the greatest learning deficiencies and resources pooled.   Now, the issue of funding is a matter of reallocation of monies from legal representation to programs.   That's the deal.  

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Stephen Rush knows the economy.

Promoting Education:
We need a bigger pool of teachers to decrease class size.
♦   Establish a pilot program to encourage college grads to pursue becoming teachers and mentors based on system of reward.

      This was suggested on the "West Wing" as the best incentive to address the infrastructure loss associated with the Inverted Population Pyramid.  

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Stephen Rush is sincere.

College students should not be punished for borrowing to pay for their education.
♦   Cut down defaults by encouraging ability to pay.
♦   Cut down on defaults while encouraging higher education and stimulating growth without raising tuition.

      Higher default rates exist for student than other types of lending.   After careful analysis, it was determined the conditions of this lending and its severe penalties would cause defaults for the slightest infraction, because it is a very rigid contract.   A student could do all of the right things and still get penalized for no fault of their own.   This policy corrects that.

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Medical & Health Programs

      Medical practice has become a bureaucracy in of itself.   So much so, there are many more issues than just the question of universal care:

Everyone should have access to medical insurance.
♦   Let the uninsured purchase insurance through a government facilitated pool (Kerry).
     •   Use association health plans for lower premiums by region, 2001 base year.
     •   Have tax revenue from agri-business be specifically allocated for uninsured immigrants.

      People who are sick or injured and do not have insurance end up costing the insured as well as the tax payer, because their care is not absorbed but passed on in the form of higher insurance premiums, higher health service costs, and fewer government assistance programs.   For that reason, universal health care will ruin this country's existing health system - unless done carefully to counterbalance the economic effects.   No one would be against universal health care as long as it does not raise insurance and does not cost the taxpayer.   This plan, when used in concert with other provisions below, specifically malpractice income-based caps, makes up the difference COBRA and indigent care does not.  

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Pre-existing conditions should not have to be denied.
♦   Make pre-existing conditions insurable.
♦   It is a crime against the state when a patient cannot get medical attention they deserve.
     •   Redesign uninsured federal laws to fill gaps in criminal law and curb program abuse from lack of coverage.

      Part of the beauty of a universal plan based on a facilitated pool is putting like-patients together, so that those of the same group are not statistically different and therefore there is no probability they will cost any different than anyone else in the group.   Then, by making it a crime not to provide care, insurance companies have to take these patients at a lower rate.  

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Social Security recipients pay too much for prescriptions.
♦   Subsidize domestic prescription deductibles.

      There is great angst over news stories that depict senior citizens that must decide between food and prescriptions for things like heart trouble.   Of course to pay for it, there needs to be additional provisions.   Keep reading.  

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Stephen Rush knows the times we live in.

Provide generics on behalf of Social Security recipients who need it the most.
♦   Provide import of generic drugs sooner for Social Security recipients on Medicare.

      There has been debate over the availability of prescription drugs verses cost of imported generics.   This is a compromise; it only provides imported drugs for those collecting Social Security.   The theory is that those who are on Social Security cannot afford full price of prescription drugs no matter what.  

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Lawyers make too much money off of our pain.
♦   Cap Frivolous Malpractice and Wrongful Death suits.

      Even friends who happen to be attorneys agree with this one.  

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Balance Incentive, technology, and regulation to lower equipment costs.
♦   Prompt a worldwide demand and the incentives for used hospital equipment.
♦   Require insurance and hospitals to pass savings onto patients.

      The dynamic behind why costs for hospitalization and medical care are so high, is that the turnaround for medical equipment is so low.   Price of technology is always based on the speed in which new technology can be developed, and that development most often takes place when there is a market for the old technology.   As a comparison, the opposite economics to medical equipment happens to be computer technology.   In the case of computers, the economic model suggests the faster the new technology can be created, the sooner the new technology can be purchased.   With medical equipment, it is slightly different economics.   The faster the equipment can be sold, the sooner that new technology can be purchased.   But there is no real market for used medical equipment, so purchase prices tend to remain high.   If a country were to change the market for used equipment by relaxing laws and other incentives, basic vacuum-economics would compel prices to fall.   The end result provides a mechanism to eventually lower medical costs.   It is very "long-term planning", but worth it since the Boomer generation has just begun to retire, and any care they cannot afford may well become the responsibility of Gen. Xr's.  

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Health Reform:
Resolve mercury vaccination dispute through no-fault resolution.
♦   Lower associated Thimerisol negligence suits by subsidizing DMPS chelation and providing alternative therapy grants for affected children born since 1987.

      Talk About Curing Autism and Defeat Autism Now groups have been outraged over California and other states that passed secret statutory resolutions to limit suits against pharmaceutical companies and governmental agencies for harm as a result of mercury poisoning associated with extremely numerous vaccinations in recent years.   It doesn't matter whose fault it is at this point (knowing full well there is no genetic disease that increases 166% during a population implosion).   What matters is that parents of autistic children receive the aid that can cure the toxic metal poisoning and begin the process of recovery.   Equally important is legislation ensures only applicable shots are administered based on the patient's individual needs.  

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♦   Train medical staff for bioterror symptoms.

      There are occaisional stories of hospitals that are not prepared for compound emergency situations, like in Riverside Community when ammonia mixed with other fumes creating a toxic cloud and closed the hospital, but a greater concern is bioterror weapons.   It just is simply a good idea to rehearse procedures from time to time, so that it becomes second nature and there is never any doubt what to do next.  

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Patients should be given more decision making options in the health care process.
♦   Require medical insurance agencies to disclose alternative treatments, predetermined by a centralized government agency for the expressed purpose of making the insurance provider not liable.

      Did you know the only thing that can "cure" cell tissue damage are amino acids?   Did you know the only thing that can correct a vitamin deficiency are vitamins?   Drugs can never cure, merely promote the natural healing process of the body, and most certainly are not the only cure.   There are always alternatives.   The legal wording on the back of non-pharmaceuticals that speaks of what can cure and treat does not bear a true witness.   Pharmacuetical drugs may produce more consistent results than herbs designed to do the same thing, but that's all.   What is sad is that doctors refuse to give recommendations to alternative therapies even when there is no pharmaceutical equivalent.   Take for example: kidney stones, diver's narcosis, mercury poisoning, supraventricular tachtichardia, etc.   The only medicine for those are alternatives, and the ones listed are the most painful.   The reason doctors do not disclose what remedy exists, is because the insurance companies are obligated to provide them.   Until the law is changed to where alternatives can be recommended without legal recourse, people will continue to suffer.

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Parents can become better providers of preventative medicine than HMO’s – if only they knew how.
♦   Increase Prenatal Education and Parenting Workshops.

      There are millions of unintended injuries every year by first-time parents.   And certainly, there are classes and workshops already.   However, they are not available everywhere and do not necessarily cover all pertinent subjects.  

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No one believes that Genetically Altered Food would taste better sautéed in burnt plastic.
♦   Determine effects on the food chain down to the fourth generation.
♦   Abolish microwave use of plastics, and educate seniors on the effects of B vitamin degradation on microwaved foods and the danger of insufficient manganese.

      Some of this is for educational purposes.   However, experimentation and genetic alteration of food is still being approved without scrutiny, and that is scary.  

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      Scientific theory is propelled by scientific discovery, and the most fertile source of information is space.   Neither will go forward if scientists cannot even get off the ground:

Ever hear about the billion-dollar spacecraft that crashed because a space agency used two different units of measurement?
♦   Convert all American Standards to metric.

      After missing a mission target by a mile, this is just common sense.   There are reasons why this has not been done before, but there is a simple solution: initiate rounding for home construction and trades.   It's a done deal.  

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Challenger and Columbia disasters were preventable.
♦   Create a check list of catastrophic protocols that initiate auto-postponement and flexible reschedule of launches.

      Lives were lost and the same protocols were retained in their manuals.   This plan is just pure rocket science.  

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Progress in space exploration will continue to be slow unless directed otherwise.
♦   Direct space exploration towards greater strides.

      Aside from certain realities beyond our current grasp, the Star Trek genre offers plausible recommendations of where our technology might be headed.   In that sense, it offers a wish list of tasks NASA engineers should be assigned.   Current directives only augment what we already know we can do, but do not push the limits of space exploration.   Because of that, we are only perfecting existing technology, and never question it for one minute.   How can we get to Mars in under an hour?   Can shuttles ascend on their own power, yet?   Anyone ever take a picture of our own galaxy?   Is SETI going to send a message back at any time soon?   What options do we have for diverting a comet or asteroid?   Does Mars require tides and tectonic plates to sustain life?.   Now, each of these poses their own dilemmas and criteria.   However, not one of them is being pursued.   That means instead of being able to drop off a crew on Mars to sample the water and set up an artificial core, while the rest continue on their way to a dwarf planet to map the asteroids telescopes cannot see and set up a beacon to send signals to Andromeda, instead NASA is still sending unmanned probes.   How quaint.

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Oil Dependence & Greenhouse Gases

      Many issues related to oil are now in the limelight.   Here are some more to consider:

Technology is there, but consumers need a little nudging to switch to fuel efficiency.
♦   Stimulate alternative fuel use at the pump and promote Flex-Fuel vehicles (feel free to write a
Letter To Congress).
♦   Reduce highway vehicle smog with revised fuel and emissions standards.

      It seems most politicians have a 25 year plan, but voters are paying $25 more dollars to fill a tank.   A little extra nudging won't hurt anyone, and it may even help hurting Americans.  

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Businesses need to wake up to their environmental responsibilities.
♦   Honor Kyoto Protocol by 2012 as best possible (See Is Our Globe Really Warming?).
♦   Prepare for the Energy Crisis of 2009 as best possible (See Ethanol essay).

      (The reasons for these initiatives is clearly detailed in the essays already referenced above.)  

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Government can help businesses make that a smoother transition.
♦   Offer governmental assistance for automobile and gas station conversion.

      Governmental credit many times can be offered for less than banking institutions, and that counts for a lot in this economy.   However, the smoother the transition for companies, less the shock to the economy.  

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Science can be commissioned to explore alternatives.
♦   Foster further scientific advances for trains and airplanes.

      There is a type of jet fuel the military uses that burns more efficiently, but is currently far more expensive than what commericial airlines can afford.   Scientists may be able to come up with a way to hedge that and be more environmentally sound at the same time.  

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We have need of new American frontiers containing oil, without disrupting the ecosystem.
♦   Restrict oil drilling in a manner that protects wildlife.

      After surveying known effects of the Exxon Valdez spill and oil lakes in the permafrost, the harsh Alaskan climate does not allow for any philosophical middle ground on this subject.   Think about it.   If one were to start a discussion about what oil companies should give up in exchange for the ability to drill in ANWR, when does the environmental impact end?   Sludge stuck to oceanic rock left over from the last spill would need pressurized treatment, and tankers would be required to comply with stricter maintenence schedules and even replacement for ships over 15 years old.   Is the past so debatable?   What about the present?   How about requiring initial drilling apparatus to have specially constructed containment structures to prevent oil spouts from spilling onto the landscape, or even not driving heavy equipment on ANWR grounds in the first place?   And, does it stop there?   What about future environmental concerns?   Not so easy to choose whether to open Pandora's box or not.   The costs quickly outway the means and it becomes pointless to attempt ANWR drilling, but there may be other places that can be looked at.  

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Privacy & The Patriot Act

      This great nation was founded on the courage of colonists that felt betrayed and rose up to challenge the intimidation of King George.   The King ordered the colonists to give quarter (lodging) to Brittish troops against their right to privacy.   Unchecked, the Patriot Act disregards those Constitutional rights:

The Patriot Act is a tyrannical devise in the hands of ethically-absent leadership.
♦   Let certain provisions of the Patriot Act expire, including search and seizure without just cause.

      For all of his faults, it is appreciated how President Bush did not devise the Patriot Act for some deviant sort of martial law.   We are all thankful, but it is also time to put down the weapon now, sir.  

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Question Equality

      How the issue of equality is handled, determines the success of society as a whole.   The issue is more than human dignity, as it extends to quality of life for everyone:

There are African-Americans who still face discrimination of convenience.
♦   Initiate incentives and regulations for low-income African-American transferable skills training.
♦   Portray newsworthy crime equally between ethnic groups (despite assumptions otherwise).

      The reality is that not every person has equal chances of excelling, and it is the responsibility of those who find such injustices to correct them.   We should not still be treating people this way!  

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Stephen Rush is wise.

Women should be treated as intellectual equals.
♦   Promote an environment of gender equality in the workplace with respect for perspectives.
♦   Reveal how certain cultural idealogies in sports circles or initiation rites of fraternal organizations lead to domestic violence and rape.

      To put it plainly, certain circles of men need to treat women with more respect.   They do not understand that, because they are not taught that.  

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Religious Issues

      Recent historical wars have been fought over religious discontent and ideological differences, from Croats and Serbs, to Burmese Monks and Socialist Dictators, to Sunna Fundamental-ites and Shia Ali Successor-ites (See
"A Religious Test for the Presidency".   When President John F. Kennedy regarded how religion should not play a part in modern politics, he was referring to how his Catholic views should not interfere with the ability of government to govern.   This is no longer true.   The next President of the United States needs to understand how religion plays a key role in foriegn policy today:

Cause peace by causing understanding.
♦   Have warring neighbors, like Palestinians and Israelis, acknowledge differences.

      Peace negotiations are a lot like fishing trips: if one person brings the boat, the tackle, the gear, and the drinks, then what is the other person there for?   Middle East talks are like arguments over what lure to use: both sides give the other a hard time because they do not realize they are talking about two very different fish.   In this sometimes heated discussion, it is important to from time to time to take a GPS reading and remind each side where they are fishing and that what they hope to catch may not be there any more.   Acknowledging differences is like a breath of fresh air, in that sense.  

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Stephen Rush is sincere.

America's heritage should not become the podium for a battle cry to rewrite history.
♦   Install Founding Fathers Disclaimers on artifacts of historical significance and other iconographic displays to maintain this nation's heritage as historical legacy.

      If an attorney were to say that a picture of the Seal of the President was offensive to a certain client because her father used to beat her up using an eagle statue with branches and arrows, the President would hopefully say "Forgive me if that bothers you; I sincerely wish you well and pray you get over it soon".   No attorney would have any right to request of any court to order the Seal be taken down.   Same thing here.  It doesn't matter what one's political persuasion is, because the removal of any landmark is in violation of the civil liberties of the nation.   However, should there be a real offense (and not mere judicial activism), then a legal disclaimer can be posted to warn passerby not to look.

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Stephen Rush is the man of the hour.
Balance federal aid among social programs and faith-based charitable causes.
♦   Federal Grant Allocation for programs should be based on % of Program Impact not ideological preference.

      Since President Bush signed his famous faith-based initiative into law, there has been some concern over the issue of church and state.   To some degree, his proposal is understandable because government social programs are not perfect and require competition to stay healthy when servicing the needs of the community.   A mechanism, therefore, is needed to bring balance and keep bureaucracy under wraps.   However, now that this provision in the law exists for faith-based charitable causes, a system of checks and balances needs to be determined for them as well.   So, this policy reverses the practice of not questioning government performance and reverses allocating the entire sum of program money to faith-based organizations.   That is fair.

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Stephen Rush has the strategy.

“Separation of Church and State” cannot mean “Freedom from Religion”, but must mean “Mutual Respect for Law and Faith”.
♦   Reaffirm Unled Voluntary Prayer (in exchange for compromise on gay issues).

      Civil liberties that protect "almost everyone" or "only excludes one group", is not liberty but is an illusion of liberty.   We don't treat people this way!  

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Stephen Rush knows the economy.

Social Security

      Social Security benefits are siphoned whenever the federal budget runs into shortfall.   Here are some necessary provisions:

The Social Security Infrastructure should be supported, until the public can be weaned off relieving the burden on Generation X for both taxes and retirement care.
♦   Cap Gov. Spending of Sol. Sec. Fund.
♦   Generate an Internet Federal Sales Tax to support existing seniors.
♦   Expand 401K and invest a portion of payroll tax into private retirement account.

      How many times can income be taxed during an Oil Crisis or an Economic Winter?   Not many.   How do you think the Bush Administration has funded sending troops to Iraq before he had to start printing money?   Truth be told, if there were another way to preserve Social Security other than Internet Sales Tax (in keeping with common sense, centrist methodology, and a host of other protocols), it would certainly be considered in a rush.  

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The government should not focus attention on people who do not require assistance.
♦   Deny benefits to wealthy and cap benefits based on Income Earnings.
♦   Deny stipend to former elected officials in certain circumstances.

      Funniest thing in the United States is that the wealthy get to collect benefits.   Its not an issue, let's say, if for some reason such a person suddenly has a change in financial status and has elected to pay into the system.   Otherwise, this is absolutely absurd.  

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Trade Policy

      Trade provides jobs and resources.   However, trade is a balancing act that requires a steady hand and an eye to the future:

America needs to get producing again and bring equilibrium to the outsourcing equation.
♦   Introduce U.S.-exclusive environmentally-safe modular-home products to third-world countries.

      Part of this policy goes hand-in-hand with tsunami warning technology and desalinization.   The key here to remember is "balancing act" and America should offer its technology to reduce the trade deficit.  

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Stephen Rush knows the times we live in.

Trade negotiations should incorporate human rights.
♦   U.S. negotiated trade should gradually increment human rights requirements.

      America has linguering clout with global trading partners.   The suffering and human toll can be reduced if we negotiate for it, like the global effort to restrict the sale of conflict diamonds.   All it takes is a strong policy to save a life or make a difference to whole villages.   But the cost of success is not measured in dollars, it is measured in courage.

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Stephen Rush cares for you.

Unemployment & Labor

      Unemployment is not a disease.   America is only as strong as the backs it is built on:

Government does not need to kick the poor while they are down.
♦   Remove Unemployment Tax and Waiting Periods.

      Very simple: we should not treat people this way.  

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Stephen Rush is this generation.

Businesses do not need to kick the poor while they are down.
♦   Require recruiters/agencies to hire non-degree personnel when the level of position does not support higher education.

      The old addage about "How does one get experience?" comes to mind.   One of the things that happens in a tightening economy is that employers tend to narrow the field of potential candidates.   In order to help the economy adjust faster, that contraction needs to release sooner, and this policy is just the ticket.  

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Unions have failed to bring something of value to the negotiating table in recent years.
♦   Distribute power between unions and employees.

      Unions have played a vital role in American history.   The civil liberties we enjoy today come from the bravery of the Founding Fathers, Veterans, and Unions.   Unions have made America respond to issues of human rights, and own a place of gratitude in our hearts.   However, unions are at the end of their lifecycle as an organization, unless they become revitalized and soon.   The idea behind this policy is to advance employee rights at the same time as advancing unions in a way that is consistent with not infringing on employer's rights.  

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Rush will take on special interest.

Vehicle Safety

      Congestion is not healthy for commuters nor the environment for a variety of reasons.   The following transportation issues then, should not be shrugged away:

Sharing The Road:
Aging population, increased trucking, & influx of international drivers all contribute to growing highway conflict.
♦   Reduce highway fatalities from road rage and distractions with standardized instruction and practice (See
Talking Distractions essay).
♦   Help Senior citizens stay on the road.

      There are many fatal accidents each year all because drivers of all types are not sharing the road.   It is not a simple matter of road rage or distraction
, althought that is certainly part of it.   The truth is, what started years ago with the advent of turn signals as a courteous communication replacement to hand signal use, nowadays vehicles are used to teach others a lesson on how to drive.   Drivers of all types do this; whether it is communicating to "speed up", "slow down", "pull over", "back off", or even "to pay attention".   To help facilitate drivers being more civilized, the driver handbook needs some revision.   So, feel free to peruse the Café and take a fresh look at these driver laws.  

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Stephen Rush is wise.

Structural deficiencies and deteriorating infrastructure make transportation a huge concern.
♦   Improve national railroad standards and road conditions using engineering programs.
♦   Relieve traffic flow by modernizing Representation to propel Traffic Growth projects to be on-demand.

      Did you know there is no federal mandate that bridges over 23 years get retrofited?   Did you know there are traffic relief projects designed years in advance that never break ground until 10 times the original cost?   Did you know there are cement railroad ties that could prevent toxic spills but are not installed because that would take up too much valuable track time?   It all has to be fixed sometime, and this platform makes certain that it does before disaster strikes.  

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Stephen Rush has the answers.

Weapons Use

      There is much debate regarding the use of firearms because of the increase in reported misuse in this millenia.   Areas of greatest concern have prompted the following measures:

Is it getting more difficult to determine whose side the Police are on these days?
♦   Require Rookie Police officers to use non-lethal and non-projectile less-lethal means, exempt undercover.

      In greater Los Angeles basin, there are numerous cities where reports of rookie officers overreact at the expense of an innocent life.   It is a tough job in a tough neighborhood, and the pressure to perform is high.   The solution is to take away the ability for a rookie to panic with fatal consequence, until they have tempered experience.  

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Stephen Rush is sincere.

The right to bear arms is fundamental, but not when they are pointed at school children.
♦   Standardized Safety Devices on All New Guns.
♦   Require Safety and Background Checks on all projectile weapon purchases.

      Background checks should be standard practice, and it does not violate any rights.  

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Stephen Rush is the man of the hour.

XXX vs. Entertainment Guide

      Voters desire simplified and apparent media standards:

It would be nice to know what is truly age appropriate.
♦   Establish universal media Content Rating System without infringing on speech.

      The entertainment boards that determine what qualifies as a certain rating have not been consistent over the years, and certainly not from one media to another.   Primarily because entertainment has not been rated solely based on content, this has led to some confusion and some offense - as in the partial nudity in "Titanic" labeled as "PG-13" instead of "R".   Content-based rating system would end any confusion.  

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Stephen Rush has the strategy.

Americans love their ability to make choices in their film, music, and video games.
♦   Make all DVD Menus contain program sublevels that provide choices for the new content rating options.
♦   Rate content of mature entertainment and Internet access.
Create awareness about the damaging effects of Child Pornographers and regulate Pop-up/Spam Protocol so that following website visit, online purchase, sweepstakes entry, library access, or online store, the marketing database programmed to perform data mining will have to restrict data shared with companies that market to minors, and Encryption Licensing Master Keys or Source Code Sharing methods may be needed to create such protocols (also take intial steps to standarize all software for universal compatibility).
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Stephen Rush knows the economy.
There comes a time when Freedom of Speech must take a backseat to Terrorism.
♦   Promote milder content in Muslim countries to change perception.

      The idea behind this is to improve America's image.   This policy does so without inhibiting speech.  

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Stephen Rush is a strong leader.

Ideas Welcome

      Although it was my goal to be throrough, certainly there are issues that have not come to my attention.   So, feel free to write about your national concerns!

Statement of Reform

      This country is suffering internally.   Too many domestic areas of concern have been ignored, as is still true for Hurricane Katrina victims.   The domestic problems are numerous, but the next President of the United States will not be able to focus on any of them.   At the same time as Americans are screaming for someone to get something done, this nation is on the verge of several major disasters: economic winter, energy crisis, environmental extremes, health care implosion, social security bankruptcy, and terrorist attacks, not to mention the continuation of ethnic cleansing and spread of disease in impoverished countries.   There will not be any time left to resolve any concerns left rotting since FDR’s New Deal, because just one of these disasters can become that administration's focus.
      However, the combination of all of these are expected to hit relatively at the same time, guaranteeing the forty-fourth presidency to be a one-term flop!   That is to say, unless for some brilliant reason all of the domestic issues and disaster prevention plans are determined by a candidate before the campaign begins and if elected, implemented upon inauguration.   This publication contains an extensive political platform for the purpose of getting domestic issues out of the way, and this partial list introduces many of the pertinent concerns that the U.S believes what can and should be done:

Keep a robust economy resorting to making use of rural insourcing.   Protect the Social Security funds and shorten the Economic winter.   Reinvent fair trade and design products for third-world countries.   Non-union strikes and pension protection from "Golden Parachutes".   Provide tax relief for the poor and support a strong middle class.   Instigate corporate vouchers for homeless, job training for gangs.  

Simplify INS forms to reduce indentured smuggling and abandonment.   Rights for persecuted ethnic groups, foreign workers, and disease.   Champion Civil Rights for women, African-Americans, Christians & homosexuals.   Block erosion of privacy, and unnecessary government surveillance.  

Have Periodic Audits, Balanced Budget and Consecutive Term Limits.   Enact Electronic Jury Duty and Proxy voting in a Surrogate County.  

Improve education through Academic Mission and smaller class size.  

Health Care
Ensure Health Care affordability through malpractice lawsuit caps.   Cause Medical prescription assistance and improved veteran access.   Umbilical stem cells research and alternative medicine disclosure.  

Energy independence and Ethanol subsidies paid by subsidy abusers.   Protect environment with green policies and clean infrastructures.   Prepare for the 2009 Energy Crisis and reestablish Kyoto Protocol.  

Reduce likelihood of school shootings when restricting gun access.   Mandate Rookie Police Officers use less-lethal weapons and tazers.   Military respect life and train Border Patrol in human rights now.   Defeat the threat of terrorism and protect innocent civilian life.   Focus on reconstruction while inhibiting terrorist cell operation.   Within Homeland Security, streamline internal communications flow.   Stop the proliferation of mass destruction weapons and engage U.N.   Improve border security inspection points, & train for bio-terror.

      Now, it would be remarkable if a President could do all of those things, but many are simply not prepared for the onslaught of issues to come because the political process takes so long.   On the other hand, all of this would be feasible if the solutions themselves were presented with bi-partisan flavor upfront, and possibly propose insignificant changes and minor compromises once in office should the need arise.   This platform, based on Applied Quantum Politics, actually proposes 218 Progressive Solutions to 124 issues within 24 topics:
Abortion & Reproduction, Benefit Programs, Crime, Disaster
Preparedness, Environment & Energy, Foreign Policy, Gay
Issues, Homeland & Immigration, Income Tax, Justice &
Liberty For All, Kondratieff Economics, Learning &
Education, Medical & Health Programs, Nat'l Aeronautics &
Space, Oil & Global Warming, Privacy & The Patriot Act,
Question Equality, Religious Issues, Social Security, Trade
Policy, Unemployment & Labor, Vehicle Safety, & Weapons Use

It is recommended one peruse the website to fully grasp the extent such an important discovery has been researched, developed, for adoption as a platform (See More About Reform).


Americans tend to be more pragmatic than their forbearers and political affiliations. Soccer Moms, Office Park Dads, and the Affluent Minority are creating new socio-political leanings where conservative and liberal views are melded together to meet the smorgasbord of interests that do not fit typical political choice. Our country has grappled over issues in times past relating to Circumstantial Evidence vs. Innocence, Constitution vs. Governing Powers, Morality-based Law vs. Illegalizing Sin, and now we are beginning to explore Reform over Bureaucracy. Consider how there is no current method for systematic re-paradigm of any institution. The burden of change on the human psyche never sufficiently accounts for the expected emotional response to change, and old ways are diehards until the next generation can retrain the institution that propagated yesteryear’s myth. When the change does take place, it typically becomes a pendulum swing into the opposite domain from the current spectrum because the former leaders were not open to engaging themselves in discussion. The real questions is then, at what cost to our values are we prepared for compromise? The process to get to reform does not have to become a bitter pill, though. Government is vital to the control of public order, and governmental reform is both needed as well as attainable with bipartisan support. With careful observation, analysis and discussion, common ground can be reached. In many instances while debating what issues of reform to include here, either the objectionable components were removed or both polarized views were given much needed advances simultaneously. By stating what options exist for common ground, it is less likely to offend and the resistance to change becomes ill-prepared, leaving no cause for an all-out rebellion against the established political norm. Whether you agree completely or not with every detail of this publication, it is a step in the right direction toward unifying America following 9/11 and Katrina disasters. Let this be your invitation to seek a nonpartisan agreement to topics in every area of politics.

The Brief

    Americans desire a leader who is equipped to handle turbulent times and even cares about the people they serve.   One may recall California's Energy Crisis, the bankruptcy of Enron, 9/11 attacks, Quecreek trapped coal miners, Columbia Space Shuttle disaster, Northeastern U.S. snowstorms and blackouts, California and Arizona Aspen Wildfires, Indian Ocean Tsunami, Federal Budget record deficit, Pre-Iraqi war CIA scandals, and Hurricane Katrina.   Prior to these events, unprepared leadership slid under the radar of mediocrity and concentrated on making themselves look good.   Not anymore.   Now today's leaders have to resist getting broadsided by disaster, security, and issues of compassion.   Our leaders will be tested whether they have the internal fortitude to hold their ground during any crisis.   The goal here was to set in motion, not just recognition over the need for reform, but also a plausible solution.
    Inside this are ideas for using umbilical cord stem cells, fair share of taxes, proxy jury selection, reduced economic recession, teacher performance reward, metric rounding, social security funding, and content media ratings.   Not all of the ideas contained in this booklet are unique, as some sources are indicated where possible.   Now, these political reforms are simply astounding because they are revolutionary solutions that has seniors, soccer moms, and office park dads buzzing about its presentation.   There is only one unfunded program in the entire text: NASA.   The remaining mandates are funded through a series of budget and tax reforms that include revenues from sources such as Internet Sales Tax, Carpool Tax, Smog Certification for Older Cars, not to mention switching from existing program funding or using corporate sponsorship/citizen involvement in other cases.
    Education should cause understanding among the genders not curiosity, America should fund umbilical cord stem cell research instead of using the unborn as guinea pigs and form impartial coalitions to decrease teen pregnancies.   Provide veterans and Indians better way of life in medicine and standard of living rather than postponing or ignoring their concerns.   Revise job discrimination designations and create jobs for the homeless, remove welfare-to-work gaps, and reduce new cases of working homeless rather than costing the taxpayer in failed programs.   Dr. Sam Sheppard, a former fugitive of justice wrongly accused, is an excellent example of how Preponderance of Innocence can be used to prevent unnecessary Death Penalty sentencing.   To preserve the economy in times of emergency, the federal budget should include a Disaster Relief Fund while regulating future construction so those funds continue to go unused instead of not being prepared and making similar mistakes.   It seems ridiculous to continue utilizing older energy technologies that continue to pollute as long as no incentive for elimination of waste or innovation exists, such as diesel-based co-generation.   It is equally counterproductive for the EPA to require unnecessary use of paper and hostile seizure of property at the expense of the very species to be saved.   Advanced fisheries are needed before restrictions can be imposed on over-fishing.   Foreign Policy should be about saving lives, causing understanding and preserving culture, not about preemptive war while ignoring ethnic cleansing and stalling human rights.   It is true that America should act on every intel it receives, but only eminent threats should declare war.   It is true that third-world countries are ill-equipped to address human rights, yet progress can be mentored.   It is not excusable to take the law into one’s own hands and force beliefs on another without consent, neither are gay communities and religious groups innocent of retaliation.   Gays should have protection for civil rights available to every citizen, while protecting influence of minors.   Regarding defense, America has incited offense partly from careless selfish acts performed by enlisted personnel when our troops should perform their duty as ambassadors.   Gaps in the security of this country’s transportation and intelligence should be built up without infringing on privacy.   Immigration should not be such a complex process that immigrants misunderstand, get separated from family, or get approved when supposed to be deported.   It is incredulous how some citizens must pay more than 20% of their income in state and federal taxes, and those who make less than the poverty line are also included.   To exacerbate the situation, loopholes allow people to fraud the government out of monies meant for farmers and claim terrorist activities as charitable donations.   After certain aspects of the Patriot Act are rescinded, warrants meeting certain criteria and much of the jury selection process can and should be replaced with automation.   When the Supreme Court makes decisions along political lines, it places distrust in their representation to discern the position of the Constitution, not to mention there is no expedient method for rescinding bad laws.   Simple balanced budget reforms and Congressional term limits do not fully address lobbying contributions and qualified profession following political career, leaving legislation that will never pass by majority.   Most presidential candidates are not economists and may not recognize something must be done now to shorten the highly probable economic winter approaching that could bankrupt Social Security before its predicted expiration (domino theory of economics).   Tenure should not take precedence over the student environment.   Teacher’s vacation time should be flexible.   The entire educational system lacks options in its planning, leaving parents and disadvantaged students few alternatives.   Guidelines for paying student educational financing are so rigid it causes default.   Medical insurance is not affordable due to frivolous lawsuits, significant equipment costs, and few substitute markets.   Indigents and convalescents typically are not privy to their own records and receive less than adequate care.   FDA appears to approve untested drugs and genetically altered food upon significant lobbying by pharmaceuticals, but alternative therapies such as T-cells and Lorenzo’s Oil go unnoticed.   NASA seems to find new ways to cause catastrophic events, yet should use one unit of measure, never regard any problem as simply a maintenance issue, and have a way to fix the error no matter the destination.   The argument over oil dependence centers around Alaskan drilling, but should consider whether wildlife friendly structures can be erected.   Also, even if America car makers were to go green, there are few pumps that accommodate the consumer and businesses.   The Patriot Act was inscribed to protect the country against further incursions, but would become a public outcry in the hands of the wrong leader.   Therefore, the secret riders should be repealed and search and seizure needs conditional provisions or expire altogether.   Equality is a concept that eludes race and gender alike.   Newscasters do not portray crime equally, neither do employers value transferable skills and intelligence equally in the job market.   Religious issues are similar to equality without the presence of mutual respect for differences of belief.   That respect must include the heritage of the founding fathers of this country, but it does not.   Simple legal reforms can impose a gentle affirmation of our ancestral roots without conflicting the balance between church and state.   When it comes to Social Security, those with income over a certain dollar amount should not receive benefits, and those that rely on it can be weaned off with guaranteed investments.   It can be kept running with sound fiscal action.   Outsourcing has affected the balance of trade, and is a concern if China and Japan discontinue buying American Treasury Bonds.   At the same time, human rights violations go unpunished overseas and unions are getting weaker.   Also, the unemployed should not be taxed.   With the advent of inverted population pyramid, increase in trucking industry and foreign drivers, road rage is affecting vehicle safety exponentially and will continue to drive up insurance costs without regulation to encourage common courtesy.   Railroads lack inspectors and toll roads cause congestion.   Police in large cities are increasingly aiming at the wrong suspect, and acts of aggression in schools and the workplace certainly makes a good case for gun control, but any legislation must be precise to not infringe on individual rights.   It has been said that entertainment is a first amendment right, yet law is able legislate protection of minors from its influences.   In keeping with that precedent, a Content Rating System can restrict mature entertainment without imposing on one’s freedoms.  
    The views expressed here arrive at a balanced government using a delicate combination of reforms.   Arriving at bi-partisan supported legislation throughout the political spectrum and diffusing hot topics through fairness is the difference behind this astonishing compilation.   Finding common ground in this manner will assist the lawmaking process and resolve many domestic and foreign issues as never before.
    What America needs right now is a man of action as president.   As a leader of Generation X and a descendant of Declaration of Independence signer’s family, instinctively this saying rings most fitting: “Those who have the knowledge to rectify an injustice also have the responsibility to correct it.”   It was from this conviction that to reform government bureaucracy was originally sought.
    Let this election platform, and the political ideal it represents, cause you to ponder beyond mere party agendas and help guide your decisions in the upcoming 2008 presidential election.   Get involved in the grassroots effort and support this political action committee, to help elect into political office the man that made these solutions.   Contact or for more information.

All the best,

Stephen L. Rush
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