Dear member of the U.S. Congress:


             CNN Presents reported a looming oil crisis:   1. China’s and India’s growth will soon outpace the world’s supply for petroleum.  2. Arabian foreign oil pockets are already peaked, requiring forced pressure to extract additional quantities.   3. Purchase of foreign oil may also contribute to funding terrorist plots, using our own U.S. Dollar against us.  4. Increase in worldwide emissions also contributes to Global Warming: as evident by 25% of Greenland’s fresh water glacial mass being dumped into the ocean, and by extreme weather resulting from the ocean conveyor showing signs of slowing (We Were Warned: Tomorrow's Oil Crisis; Aug. 12, 2006).

             Despite momentary fluctuation in commodity trading, the purchase price of petroleum will therefore only increase over time, because demand is increasing while supply is remaining the same.  Eventually, the purchase price of gasoline will increase even more as EPA regulations expand, because its effect on the environment is steadily increasing.  America needs a financial and environmental contingency plan for petroleum-based energy before economic panic starts.

I support Stephen L. Rush  in asking you to please establish an initial plan for the infrastructure needed toward Oil Independence:

Gasoline & Petroleum-based Vehicles

      Require all automakers, domestic and foreign, to manufacture strictly flex-fuel or E85 rating in their assembly of gasoline cars, by the next 2 assembly cycles.

      Regulate diesel vehicle manufacturers to implement gradual bio-diesel vehicle assembly within the next 3 assembly cycles, and strictly bio-diesel vehicles by 6 years.

Gas Stations

      Require all gas stations to convert 1 pump to Ethanol for stations within 1 mile of a highway or expressway in each of the 52 largest cities in America by 1 year.

      Require all gas stations to convert 3 pumps at all gas stations within 30 miles of a highway or expressway by 3 years, and 3 pumps for all stations by 6 years.

General Public

      Convert corporate fleets of diesel trucks by 5 years, and sole proprietors by 10.

      Provide government loans at Prime+1% for retooling manufacturing plants: for station modifications, for fleet conversion, and for the legislative vision to repay back the Federal debt.


      In addition, legislate against corporate welfare and giving agricultural subsidies to farmers that do not produce crops (but in a way that maintains the economic price equilibrium), by paying the same farmers to produce Ethanol and mandate any byproducts do not enter the market except for use in algae-based bio-diesel ponds.

      Require Ethanol producers to reduce emissions more with Palladium Oxidizers.


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