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Premise For Reform

    When the President takes the oath of office, he swears to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States (Art. II, Sect. 1, Para. 9).   The Constitution is far more important than the office of the President, for without it there would not be a United States of America.   That document gives life and purpose to this great country.  
    Equally important is the Bill of Rights, the guarantee of how governance by this document is measured.   It is not sufficient to say that a new form of government has distinquished itself from the monarchy of England, but what kind of value this new government places on the people it serves.  
    From that perspective, anyone can say they can fix the problems within government, but the distinction is whether one actually serves the people they are sworn to.   For, any presidential candidate can declare that he or she has the best method to reform American government, but many fall short of being true public servants.  

Applied Quantum Politics

The Economy and
The Bank Bailout

The Stephen L. Rush Report

Farewell To President George W. Bush
What History Should Remember

Making The Tough Decisions
      It is easy to see a string of failures and assume there is nothing redeamable about a person.   Whatever one believes about President Bush, there are two decisions that were never publicized that makes me appreciate his courage.   Despite the fact I am a registered Democrat and Obama supporter, I have concluded that President Bush deserves our heartfelt respect for his courage to make the tough decisions.   Yes, courage.   First and foremost, let it be known that despite the fact I am the author of a centrist political methodology and am able to defer Bush's decisions to a higher order than myself and make the comparison of his political views to a widely acceptable standard, I still must whole-heartedly disagree with nearly every policy Bush has ever made.   The exception being two decisions.  
      President Bush is a model of the old paradigm, and rightfully expected only one huge crisis during his presidency - at the most.   President Bush the 43rd, fully expected to slide past whatever one crisis might come to this nation, rely on his advisers for the answers, and then brush himself off and keep moving.   No one could have predicted a terrorist attack on 9/11, that the War in Iraq would not be won as easily as other wars, for Hurricane Katrina to destroy the coast of Louisiana, nor for the economy to want to plummet the hopes of 40% of Americans.   This President Bush relied on advisers and did reasonably okay when 9/11 hit to encourage Americans to continue and to rally support for the Patriot Act.   Aside from what one believes the Patriot Act contains, the President did okay.   Now, the outcome of the Patriot Act was primarily due to policy makers on Capital Hill, so this does not really count as one of President Bush's two key decisions.  
      The first key decision was the choice to go to war with Iraq.   Yes, War in Iraq.   Okay, so how am I as a Democrat or even author of Applied Quantum Politics impressed with this decision?   President Bush pulled out of his political tool chest a tool that had not been used before, but was the only one he believed was right at the time.   Certainly, President Bush has not ever been an innovator nor strategist, and therefore has no ability to create new political tools.   He was doomed to be stuck with whatever tools that have long since rusted out to the point they no longer function, or whatever tools are presented to him at the time.   What was it?   Paul Wolfowich's "Preemption".   I am not saying that I agree with the policy of Preemption, and I most emphatically do not, but I am saying the decision was courageous.   Let me say that after 11 years of breaking United Nations resolutions, oppression of his own people, and genocide of ethnic Kurds, there is nothing wrong with the ousting of Saddam Huessin.   So the decision was not wrong, albeit perhaps could have been conveyed in other terms.   The reason for the War in Iraq was clearly American economic interests - with China and India's increasing consumption of petroleum, America needed another economic ally in the Middle East.   The decision that President Bush faced at the time was simply a question of "Now, or later?"   In my view, the decision to act sooner was very courageous.  
      When humans are presented no choice for a particular matter and are backed up into a corner with no other way out, there is a propensity to reach for untried and unproven means.   President Bush reached for Preemption in that moment.   Some could argue that the War in Iraq was not necessary at that time, citing a host of reasons, but all of the signs were there.   Perhaps weapons of mass destruction reported to exist by U.N. Inspectors and relayed to previous administrations were dismantled even before President George W. Bush took office.   But that does not matter, even with the public relations and military strategy blunders that followed, because that was never really the issue.   What matters is that President Bush chose not to care about how his Presidency might look if WMD's were not found.   He instead chose to do what he believed was right.   And, that meant his first courageous act was to "knowingly take a hit".  
      The second courageous act was to not take credit for economic manipulation.   Really?   Yes, in the final days of the Bush Administration the President manipulated the stock market so it would not crash.   And, that is a very courageous thing.   He made a gutsy move on behalf of Americans - to secure our economic future.   Of course, one could argue he did not tell the public what he was up to because it overstepped his authority or because corruption may have been at the heart of the economic crisis in the first place.  But, it was the first act to save the middle-class from being anhilated, and that takes courage no matter the reason.
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State of the Union
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What The Bank Bailout Does For Main St

    What does the Bank Bailout do to fix the American financial crisis?   Imagine for a moment an average someone notices a traffic officer redirecting cars into a tunnel where construction crews are working on the infrastructure.   The officer points in the direction where things are not flowing ahead, but motions to go forward anyway.   Unknown to the driver is a jagged metal rebar in the road, while other cars are catching up from behind.   Now, the driver is so focused on the road ahead when the car impacts the metal obstruction, that the driver gets rear-ended in a car accident.   The car that hit them is a rebuilt 1929 Pierce Arrow, was in mint condition to that point, complete with a luggage rack and rumble seat.   The gentleman that steps out is finely dressed in a Hickey Freeman designer suit.   It is obvious to the driver that the well-to-do man is a banker.   The police officer calls the construction company to bring someone over, and already has their insurance agent on his radio saying, "they will fix all the damage", and "not to worry".   Much to that driver's chagrin, the construction company owner slips the officer a bill and the officer orders the insurance company to send a check to the banker.   And so, just like that average someone's car, Main Street's financial crisis is still busted.

Declaration Of Independence

Who Is To Blame

    Now, there are those who would blame the person who caused the problem when they try to come up with a solution, but I do not think it is so simple.   It is more about lawmakers fixing what they know to fix when it comes to the banking industry, and not knowing how to fix Main Street's problem; there is more than one problem here much in the same way the story above speaks of both the metal shard and the collision.   Since that is entirely believable the government does not know what to do, given the old world political tools Congress is using for stimulus, someone needs to present an comprehensive economic solution to deal with the intricacies.   That means bringing in someone entirely new, such as: a business strategist, rapid decline expert, contrary economist, or the like.
You've found him : Stephen L. Rush!

Visionary Leadership
What Is A Great Leader

    A new trend in America is the desire for a leader who is equipped to handle turbulent times.   One may recall Califonia's Energy Crisis in Summer of 2000, the bankruptcy of Enron and collapse of New York's Twin Towers in the Fall of 2001, only one of nine coal miners trapped in Pennsylvania's Quecreek coal mine climbed out Summer of 2002, destruction of Columbia Space Shuttle early 2003, Biggest Blackout and record snowstorms of 2003 in the Northeastern U.S. while the Arizona Aspen Wildfire and 800,000 acres of California burned in the West, with the Indian Ocean Tsunami admist the Federal Budget Deficit soaring to a record $413 billion in 2004, not to mention the continued inteligence failures of pre-Iraqi war CIA scandals and Hurricane Katrina in 2005.   Prior to these events, Executives, Governors, and the President could easily slide under the radar of mediocrity and concentrate on issues that made themselves look good.   Not anymore.  Now today's leaders have to resist getting broadsided by new social frontiers, disasters, and security concerns of Americans.   Whirlwinds of distress will come test whether our leaders have the internal fortitude to stand during a crisis.
Issue One: finding an Economic Co-President for Obama's team. : Stephen L. Rush!

The Dream
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  According to the top contrary economist Stephen L. Rush - who has the only comprehensive plan for the economy based on Kondratieff Wave theory, the Bank Bailout, or as it is also called, Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008, is based on financial institutions having recourse for troubled assets, and of course the liquidity of banks is important to move money around, but not if Main Street cannot use it.   Troubled homeowners from Reinhold Niebuhr's perspective require financial stability as well, but as it is commonly understood American banks strove for the Senate's version of the bill, but you have to keep in mind the American economy now needs a Wall Street bailout, and the Troubled Asset Relief Program doesn't account for that.   When will Congress bailout Main Street? It is not certain how the Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs, or even the Committee on Finance, and of course the Committee on the Budget can account for additional funding without overburdening the already burdened taxpayer.   But you have to keep in mind Congressional support will have to come from the presidential candidates, as it is understood that Senator Barrack Obama, and the entire Obama campaign, with the support of Senator Joe Biden as his running mate, and of course including the top contrary economist Stephen L. Rush, along with the support of other democratic candidates may need to hold an early cabinet session to deal with the situation upon innauguration.   The Republican candidates comprising of Senator John McCain and Governor Sarah Palin, and potentially Mitt Romney, do not stand a chance because the road to the whitehouse will not elect a president who makes rash decisions.   Aside from that, McCain and his team does not have a plan for the economy. So, it's a done deal.   Obama's economic advisers include: Jared Bernstein, William Bradley, Robert Burin, James Drew, Jok Koribe, Indra Nooyi, Paul O'Neill, Federico Perez, Joy Pritzker, Robert Reich, Eric Schmidt, Lawrence Summers, John Sweeney, Laura Tyson, and Paul Volcker.   About the trojan horse 2008 campaign for political reform and american social-political environment spectrum balanced supreme court representation but catastrophic disaster and clean up american bureaucracy and conservative liberal views for diffuse concentrated special interest and established political norm and legislating issues of reform of older schools of thought and presidential line item addition for constitutional public outrage and raising the legal standard because reform american politics bureaucracy and reinvent new political solutions and supported legislation when watchdog organization oversight.   john edwards senator barrack obama senator hillary clinton stephen rush trojan horse democratic party candidates It is easy to support a platform of political reform when one's reform policy creates government reform from a centrist methodology.   2008 campaign presidential election 2008 primary 2008 election 2008 presidential campaign The road to the whitehouse, with the 2008 presidential primary and the 2008 presidential election is all about presidential elections in the 2008 election, comprised of states 2008 presidential primaries and 2008 caucuses for 2008 presidential candidates and former presidential candidates who wish to run in 2008 as a 2008 presidential candidate for the 2008 presidential campaign as a 2008 presidential contender and the presidential bid in the national election for american politics to elect presidents.   senator john mccain mayor rudy giuliani mitt romney republican candidates republican party Many political races have elected president a democratic candidate for the democratic party, such as FDR who rush for reform and after 100 days rush campaign to fix the economy, his brush for president questioned his advisors. Should Stephen L. Rush decide to begin the rush for reform 2008.   political reform government reform centrist politics quantum politics rush for reform rush 2008 You can join rush and contribute to campaign in this political race with campaign contributions, because the political action committee for presidential committee.  Steve Rush is known for being the applied quantum politics author who invented a centrist policy that attracts bi-partisan support to get legislative reform from democratic leaders (democratic candidates and democrats in power) in the democratic party.   2008 candidate presidential campaign 2008 presidential election presidential primary Stephen LeRoy Rush, a servant of the people, is a progressive democrat that might be considered a moderate democrat or a centrist democrat for his social democrat and conservative democrat views, as a business leader and latino leader being a community leader and fiscally responsible.   national election political race road to the whitehouse 2008 presidential race 2008 caucus Rush achievements and Rush speeches can be viewed on Rush site filled with Rush issues on Rush democrat ideas, such as Rush for america and ABC’s of Reform, aka ABC’s of Political Reform where political reform uses quantum politics as a methodology to curb congressional corruption, repair the national economy, plan an anti-terrorism strategy, deal with the war in iraq, help katrina victims, resolve health care crisis and oil crisis, develop educational progress.   john edwards senator barrack obama senator hillary clinton stephen rush democratic party candidates To deal with the corrupt congress, Stephen Rush’s plan includes inconsecutive terms, term limits, illegalize pork, surrogate voting, and a modern jury duty.   2008 campaign presidential election 2008 primary 2008 election 2008 presidential campaign For his economic plan, he will pay off the national debt, protect social security, reign in the economic winter, support the shrinking middle-class, court the federal reserve, reduce the trade deficit, create jobs, shorten the kondratieff wave.   senator john mccain mayor rudy giuliani mitt romney republican candidates republican party His foreign policy and terrorism strategy proposes plans to exit iraq, treat civilians with dignity, capture renegade nuclear programs, restrict the patriot act, approve 9/11 commission recommendations, have rookies use less lethal weapons.   political reform government reform centrist politics quantum politics rush for reform rush 2008 Concerning global environment, he proposes flex-fuel cars, working toward oil independence, averting environmental calamity with ethanol fuel, discourage road rage, and amend the kyoto accord.   2008 candidate presidential campaign 2008 presidential election presidential primary He is also big on human rights and special education, like hurricane katrina victims and autism.   john edwards senator barrack obama senator hillary clinton stephen rush democratic party candidates Please address your candidate donation to: rush for reform, rush for president, rush campaign, rush for america, rush 2008, or rush㤐.   2008 campaign presidential election 2008 primary 2008 election 2008 presidential campaign It is expected that Stephen L. Rush will be the presidential frontrunner and the democratic party nominee since he is the only candidate with a solid plan, knowing the political action committees for Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and John McCain have not posted their ideas to deal with the expected oil crisis, inverted-population health care crisis, looming economic crisis, and suspected environmental crisis, let alone the lack of strategy for terrorism and the war in Iraq.   Protect the homeowner with: restrictions and regulation for banks, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac. restrictions for adjustable rate plans and provisions for its transfer. restrictions on seconds that tend to tie up short sales and make other unreasonable demands. bailout grants for toxic and catastrophic conditions that make homes unsellable. bailout for homeowner-caretakers of autistic children. Protect one's credit by: preventing raise in rent, lease, or bank payment in economic crisis. removing penalties for payments made "not exactly on time" or skipped up to twice a year. illegalizing the practice of slapping on interest to final payment made between receipt of statement and next due date. limitations against reducing credit available en masse. restrictions on harassment phone call and letters. limitations on liens so as to not touch living expenses. limitations on garnishing wages until settled in 3 months into new job. Protect the employee and small business owner through: stabilizing 401k accounts by requiring a minimum of 8 tiered investment plans. making 401k accounts portable upon leaving that company or if that company fails. preventing business partners from taking over 50% of property in a crisis. all government contractors who participate in a bid process sharing a % of the contract based on and ranked by lowest bid, excluding all who fail to meet the requirements. outlawing tax on unemployment and other government checks. bailout for small business research and development of game-changing energy technology. loosening grant requirements and simplify forms for game-changing energy technology. immediate award of grant monies for game-changing energy technology. fully funding all Phase I research and development grants for the first year with the assumption 100% will be applied as personal income to establish research. automatically advancing all research and development grants to Phase II for companies who have completed laboratory-level research or patentability or have otherwise shown they are ready for pilot plant scale or development testing. 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