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Who Has A Plan?

Artistic & Scientific Observations
of Stephen L. Rush

Modern Science owes a debt of gratitude to those who dared to speak their mind, such as the heresies spoken by Galileo, Wagner, da Vinci, Columbus, Darwin and many more.   What is written here is a tribute to scientists that dare to wage war against the prevailing ideology of the day in the hopes of someday making advances in science.

Dinosaur Gigantism Explained:
        Reptiles cannot grow 30 short tons without uninhibited lifespan, and carbon dating presumes decay (half-life) was always a constant.   The size of dinosaur tusks, scales, and various growth outcroppings are proof of their age and are obviously only manifested after a significant adult age is reached.   In addition, scientist tend to compare the short life span of humans without realizing it, just to create a word picture for the age of the Earth.   Meaning, life had to exist without death for at least approximately 800 years for sufficient generations of reptiles to populate the world.   Likewise, this period of growth has also tainted our half-life calculations because man has naturally assumed that decay is a constant.   In reality, death and decay did not begin at the same time as life and growth.   There was no cataclysmic event that killed off the dinosaurs – they simply died.   Mammoths are simply Elephants, Polacanthus are Aardvarks, Pterodactyls are Bats, Saber-Tooths are Tigers, Stegasaurus-Doedicurus are Armadillos, Styracosaurus are Hippos, TriCeratops are Rhinos, with Giganotosaurus and Titanosauria being simply the oldest of the T-rex and Sauropoda!

Worst Natural Act of God:
        Bread prices will increase to around $50 and economies not based in agriculture will fail when ⅓ of the fish in the ocean die off. This is what scientists expect from reverse-directional shifting of Earth’s Inner Core.   If the Core reverses direction, this will cause drastic climate changes that will displace tradewind, ocean current, and plate tetonic origination, resulting in agricultural imbalance from orographic lift reversal, depletion of nutrients from fresh upwelling, and the return of Austrilia to India as the Atlantic becomes the new Ring of Fire for earthquakes caused by volcanic thrust.
        Simply put, we know in the geological record exists evidence of magnatism in the rocks shifting direction - due to magnetic pole reversal.   That can only have occured if the inner core reversed direction.   My hypothesis is that the implications of a core reversal would be devastating: the Earth would reverse its direction of rotation causing sunlight radiation, tradewinds, ocean currents, and storm patterns to change direction and intensity.   Lack of oxygen would kill any fish caught unaware in the new currents, not to mention every place that is fertile would become desert within a year’s time due to the new wind and sunlight direction, causing instant worldwide economic collapse.   This explains why “Adam” (Erectus) left the presumed “Garden Spot” of the African continent - .   This calamity may happen again in the next 50 years due to the Earth’s isostatic balance quickly becoming less able to resist global warming.   The ability for the Earth to resist is being stifled both above and beneath!   We are not merely filling the atmosphere with greenhouse gases, but we are extracting Earth’s lubricant - oil.


“Bird that Got Away” Well Scene Narrative:
        The Paleolithic cave art in Lascaux, France contains a room near a well that appears to describe the event of a man’s death associated with 3 animals along side various lines and dots.   There is a bison on the right, a man and a bird in the center, and a rhinoceros on the left.   These figures and the lines that accompany them are somewhat both arranged and scattered, with little shading and color in a highly two-dimensional perspective, but definitely a narrative.
        Many have long sought after a story line to accompany this “Well Scene”, as it is formally named, but use of space and material is quite simple and doesn’t help to interpret what is seen.   The author’s thought is conveyed by use of the positions of tectiforms (lines and dots) as a pre-language method of showing relationship of the animals to the man.   Half-arrows stick through the bison’s disemboweled stomach and point at its feet.   Marking away from the bison’s feet is another half-arrow running along the underside of the bison and pointing to the feet of the man and a bird.   These half-arrows cannot represent spears, for the same line that points at the feet of the man also contains a full-arrow also pointing back at a perpendicular angle to the first half-arrow at the bison’s stomach.   The fact that the full-arrow does not conform to any known representation of a spear is noted as a highly unlikely interpretation and is key to understanding the narrative as a whole.         Consider this, for a spear to exist as drawn in the representation of the full-arrow, the spear would have to be double-sided with a double-point on one side, in addition to having another spear already struck inside the bison.   It also doesn’t make sense for a bird to be skewered on the wrong side of a pole.   What is more believable is the representation of directional markers not spears, since the full-arrow in this case appears to denote a return direction.   Lines representing directional steps would account for the displacement of the man and lend to explaining
what took place.
        In the first part of the scene, from right to left, it is widely accepted the man struck the bison with a spear.   After stepping over the buffalo, the man notices a bird and begins to chase it unsuccessfully because he wasn’t swift enough.   While returning for the meat of the bison’s carcass, another event takes place.
        Now, although the detail of the stick-figured man is not as skilled as the shapely form of the animals shown, it is noticeable this is definitely a man since there is an obvious penile protrusion at the base of the torso.   The man’s arms are laid out and his whole body is tilted back, but logically could not have been wounded from the bird nor the bison.   The rhino on the left has 6 red drops of blood beneath its tail, while facing away from the man.   The fact the droplets are in two rows of three may indicate having charged at the man twice with three thrusts of its horn each time.   It does not stand to reason that the rhino charged three times and impaled the man twice since that would mean extra effort on the part of the rhino to run and attack again after already having successfully struck its victim.   It makes more sense that the man tried to get up after the first rampage and was summarily bludgeoned to death immediately following.
        So the story is about a hunter who slays a bison, he notices a bird while getting his spear out, tries to unsuccessfully capture this bird with his bare hands, then returns to the buffalo to retrieve his spear, and is felled by a rhinoceros who charges at him twice and impales him 3 times each attack.   Due to the remoteness of the deep shaft and difficulty for the artist to reach the site, the intention could only have been for remembrance and posterity of the individual that was slain, possibly for future explorers.


Observation Is Key To Discovery
Do Not Shoot The Messenger

    When Wagner observed how the edge of South America fit snugly into Africa’s coastline, he was laughed at by the scientific community for one reason: he did not have a mechanism to support his claim.   All of the science of the day could not support the notion of Plate Tetonics, and Wagner spent his last dying breath trying to find proof of this phenomenon in Greenland and never saw the fruit of his labor while he was alive.   Modern science has not really changed much from the time of Galileo, when we still condemn those of different ideologies as heretics.

    An observation cannot be rightly condemned as right or wrong because it is only a key to discovery, for it is the responsibility of further research to disprove the reaction based on facts.   Observation differs from Research, in as much as subjectivity differs from objectivity.   The effect of the initial observation can be steeped in philosophy that skews the outcome whereas research results are simply facts.   An observation can and should be disproved on a philosophical level first, personally deemed the Scholarly Scientific Method, before attempting to attach factual-based research to its disanalogous and faulty-opinion counterpart.

    The best example of mixing philosophy & facts is a belief that the intelligence of humans is superior to that of animals, skewing what direction science attempts to prove the existence of Evolution.   To explain further, a philosophy of merely comparing similarities of intelligence is imbalanced, so research on Evolution should also include differences, such as conscience verses instinct.   A premise like Adaptation should become accepted by the scientific community and just as widely proclamated as Evolution, because they are relatively viable suppositions.   Therefore, leadership in government needs to instill better appreciation for the sciences by separating Observation from Research / Application into two schools of thought within the Arts and Sciences, and create the existence of an Open-participation Journal of Observation.

    Now, these observations here do not offer absolute proof, neither should they.  They exist to provoke thought and further research.

  Amending constitution and america´s evolving constitution but articles of confederation and bill of rights and constitutional amendment ratified for constitutional rights and contenental congress and declaration of independence signer of democracy in america by tocqueville and democratic principles and executive priviledge because fair constitutional laws and founding fathers icon documents and founding fathers intentions when heritage as historical legacy and liberty freedom of equality and patrick henry and philadelphia pennsylvania and rewriting the constitution and son of a white anglo saxon protestant macho male jock and sons of the declaration of independence and virginia declaration of rights.  
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