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Stephen L. Rush
Moderate Democrat, Business Innovator, Contrary Economist

Who Has A Plan?

Rush For Governor 2010

  Complexities of Immigration Reform.

Immigration is an emotionally charged issue because of the many facets involved.   Overly-simplistic, quick fixes to border enforcement have not shown to work because they produce disastrously incomplete and ineffective results.

  •     A legal maze and an unforgiving enforcement federal policy that keep families apart and legal workers destitute, plus does little to curb real immigration threats and terrorism.
  •     A growing undocumented population whose status makes it easier to take advantage of by unethical employers, the black market, and human traffickers.
  •     A poorly integrated state and local legal framework that make it harder to assimilate into American society and legally comply.

Rush For Governor 2010

  Comprehensive Immigration Solutions.

Smart border enforcement begins through deterring unlawful entry of individuals.   However, how law enforcement deals with migratory workers, families seeking to reunite, and human trafficking should be a dramatically different policy from individuals seeking to take advantage of the state’s resources or seeking to peddle illicit drugs.   As Governor, I will not support any use of state local law enforcement for otherwise non-criminal immigration purposes that breaks up workers, their families, and communities, with the exception of an agreement with federal law enforcement to assist in the investigation of suspected violent criminals of whose immigration status is not yet determined.

What I will do to insure this is done properly:

  •     Issue temporary, employer-paid state identification for undocumented workers and independent contractors to reduce both human trafficking and evasion of employer responsibility until federal work visa status can be validated.
  •     Allow redress of grievances to be brought before any law enforcement or governmental official for any intentional or inadvertent discrimination of any person or citizen working within the jurisdiction of the state’s borders.
  •     Protect farm workers from toxic pesticide drift by requiring employers to provide to workers crop dusting schedules and weather pattern conditions from posted information and proper tent gear.
  •     Extend full labor rights and protections, including working conditions, for migratory and domestic workers.
  •     Seek a federally increased deployment of locally built port inspection technology on all cranes.
  •     Provide for emergency room medical care for indigents (see Medi-cal).

America needs leaders who do not shy away from human rights, but intercede in defense of the defenseless.   Here are two causes that are so entrenched with opposition that only whitehouse administration support can bring definitive resolve to these issues.

Women's Rights:
        2002 Who’s Who in Executives for work in Juarez, Mexico.
        1999 Founded Save Juarez Project saving women from sexual murder.

Why Sexual Murder Is Prevalent

      In the past 12 years, women of Juarez, Mexico have been afraid for their lives.   The death toll of serially related murders in Juarez is climbing past 400, and many women are simply missing.   The city of Juarez homicide-disappearance rate for women is 38 times higher than all of the homicides in common North American statistics.
      Women and young girls from every occupation and age, from 5 to 65 years old, are vulnerable and need protection from this form of domestic terrorism.   Girls on their way to school waiting for their bus in the morning and women working the second shift walking home before dawn from their factory’s bus stops are quite vulnerable.   The most seriously threatened group is primarily 12 to 21 years of age due to a breakdown of the family.   The absence of one parent has led to rape by family members, such as the mother’s boyfriend, and latch-key adolescents.   Without values and guidedance, naïve girls are simply not aware of the implications of their actions (ie, walking alone, staying out late with friends, et cetera).   This breakdown in traditional family values and adult supervision has forced many of these young girls to adopt an unintentional risky life (as opposed to lifestyle) that puts them in even greater danger of being raped, abducted, or murdered.

        2005 Inventor of nutritional sprays directed at vitamin-deficient autistic children.
        2004 Talk About Curing Autism parent coalition member.

Why Mercury Is A Problem

      The incidence of autism has increased dramatically since 1987 when the CDC began requiring additional immunizations for school children.   Other neurological disorders, such as ADD, ADHD, Asperger's Syndrome, Motor Development Delay, Speech Delay, Sensory Integration Dysfunction, and other high-functioning autistic spectrum disorders, have also increased.   Mercury destroys neurons in the brain and damages the central nervous system methodically and gains speed as more toxin is absorbed, resulting in progressively worse impaired function in those areas where the poison spreads.   Therefore, exposure to heavy metals and other forms of neurotoxin poisoning are believed to be the culprits behind the spike in such cases.
      Genetics is a highly unlikely source of autism because there is no proof of an autism gene.   The reason a higher number of boys contracts autism is because the testosterone hormone interacts with toxins differently than estrogen, but in no way presumes genetic involvement.   Even so, since the time of the baby boomers exists an inverted population pyramid and if genetics were the culprit, that would mean a decrease rather than the current epidemic.

When A WASP Becomes A Bee
Male Feminist

    For many years, there was never a second thought regarding whether I considered myself a feminist.   Perhaps some would relate best to labeling my unfounded concern as "denial".   There is no reason to assume male feminism to be a myth.   In my mind, the closest description to what I considered myself was "a champion for the plight of women", but not a feminist.
    It started in junior high when my father wanted to teach me how to take advantage of a girl, subject included.   More than the embarassment, lack of relationship context, allowing my dad to live his fantasies through me, or even religious convictions, the practice of treating women as pure objects was offensive to say the least.   Even more abhorent was to willingly engage in such an object lesson, but I knew the price of refusal as well.   First, my father must have asked every dad in my class whether his daughter was available for this experiment of his, because scores of sexual orientation slurs and metaphores soon accompanied unwarranted trash can follies.   Next, when puberty was fully come upon me a year later, the presence of two equally opposing thoughts simultaneously caused migranes to reverberate from one end of my brain to the other .   Whether or not I am a better person for the misunderstanding others had toward me is not something that matters, rather, it matters how much unerstanding I had gained concerning the plight of women and homosexuals.
    From this one memory are deep wounds and triumphs, all the while grappling with beliefs that would cause lesser men to buckle under the strain of mixed social queues.   It is still difficult to assess whether the title of feminist is necessary or applicable here, with every fiber in my Son Of A White Anglo Saxon Protestant Macho Male Jock Being crying out "How can this be?"   However, I see the injustice and the discrimination and honestly desire to make a difference.
So, I guess; yeah.  I am a feminist.  

  Amending constitution and america´s evolving constitution but articles of confederation and bill of rights and constitutional amendment ratified for constitutional rights and contenental congress and declaration of independence signer of democracy in america by tocqueville and democratic principles and executive priviledge because fair constitutional laws and founding fathers icon documents and founding fathers intentions when heritage as historical legacy and liberty freedom of equality and patrick henry and philadelphia pennsylvania and rewriting the constitution and son of a white anglo saxon protestant macho male jock and sons of the declaration of independence and virginia declaration of rights.  
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