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Stephen L. Rush
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Who Has A Plan?

A Child’s Courage

      One day a boy decided to ride his bike around Grand Avenue that circled the city of Corona just to see if he could finish the loop.   As he neared the last bend exhausted, he noticed some traffic up ahead.   As he got closer, he realized an 18-wheeler big rig was stuck underneath the bridge and some men were arguing.   The choices were wait, help, or go back all the way.
      When one man got out of the big-rig to speak to the man giving directions, the 10 year old peddled up and squawked, “So your truck is stuck, huh?”   The boy was met with sharp rebuke, “We’ll handle this, kid.”   Not satisfied with their answer having thought they didn’t find a solution yet, the boy said a little louder “I know how to get your truck out.”
      The man revealed his frustration saying, “This is something we have to work out, kid. Go play or something.”   Driving close enough to reaffirm himself, the boy exclaimed “Let the air out of the tires.”   Even more annoyed for being interrupted the man replied, “If I let the air out of the tires, the weight of the load will crush the wheels!”
      Before the boy could ride away discouraged at facing his long ride home, the other man spoke up in amazement, “No wait, I think he might be onto something. Let him finish.”   With glee the boy quickly rebutted, “I didn’t say, ‘Let all the air out.’   Besides, there is a gas station on the other side where you can be on your way in minutes.”
      One boy made a difference due to his courage to speak out.   Since 1976, his idea became the prescribed method for over-height loads worldwide.   This boy changed the world that day by striving to have courage amidst doubt and resentment.   I wonder what kind of world problems Stephen L. Rush could solve with that kind of courage when he grows up...

Independence Day

  Adam smith and david beck but desmond doyle and donald rumsfeld and edward belamy for james turk and jimmy hoffa and milton freidman of paul wolfowich and president abraham lincoln and president bush because president dwight d. eisenhower and president franklin delano roosevelt and president herbert hoover when president jimmy carter and president john f. kennedy and president richard m. nixon and president theodore roosevelt and president thomas jefferson and pruitt-igoe housing project and roger berger and ross perot and senator sheila kuehl and treasury secretary john snow and u.s. comptroller general david walker.   Find AboutSLR.htm
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