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Stephen L. Rush
Moderate Democrat, Business Innovator, Contrary Economist

Who Has A Plan?

Stephen L. Rush does not think like a typical politician.   When you first hear him speak, he often sounds just like a politician, but then you catch yourself.   Something is different, here.   He seems to interject the wrong things - and then it hits you.   It’s on purpose; he is changing the game.

When asked as a recent Democratic Club candidate whether he had anything in his past that he might regret coming to light, he responded by saying “I believe in moral leadership, and being an example to the next generation.”   It wasn’t so much what he said, as the way he said it.   Many California voters are tired of trusting in a political process that is designed by its very nature to disappoint (See Promoting Respect).   “The political process pretty much invites mud-slinging - to which no one is immune because no one is perfect,” Mr. Rush said in a separate conversation. 

“No, I am bringing integrity back to politics” he said.

He does not recommended that you put your faith in a man, either – because humans are not perfect.   Steven is asking voters to believe in his ideals and raise your voice on behalf of Main Street’s cause because they are what‘s important.  

“But rather, I am counting on the fact that people like yourself want the real deal.”

Exactly how are these ideas he is purporting any different from runaway spending and over-taxation?   It is all about:

  •     incentives rather than punishment,
  •     job creation not pay cuts,
  •     relief as opposed to over-taxation,
  •     reduction of wasteful spending instead of cutting programs and pensions.

We have lived so long under a poverty reality with such imperfect representation that it is a little hard to trust that such a thing is possible.  

“Voters are growing anxious in their cry for political leaders who don’t just “not disappoint”, but lead with integrity enough to follow-through on providing real relief - or, at least spend time fighting the corruption that discourages it from happening.”

It is true that Californians have been so frustrated with simplistic political solutions that are “proven to no longer work”, and equally afraid to try “just anything” because that would mean not knowing if it would simply make things worse.   But now, it is harder to trust in what we are familiar with - even though we know it doesn’t work and because there is so much suffering.  

“It has gotten to the place where it is simply easier to to try what is new than to believe in the old ways.”

Well then, is there any assurance Stephen Rush can give the voter that his ideas will work?   Yes.  You can read about those ideas in detail.

“What I am suggesting is to break away from the mold that suggests you, as the voter, perhaps wouldn’t want to see a detailed plan because that is somehow too much to think about.”

Stephen Rush realizes Californians have listened to the same rhetoric before, so he has put the most promising ideas along with their details throughout this campaign website.  

“What I am saying is, “I am not only going to promise you, but I also will show you my plan in great detail.”

It has been a long time since a candidate has provided a lengthy discourse as a requirement to get elected.   We have become a consumer culture and until recently, it has not been considered a strength if a candidate doesn’t speak in overly generalized, canned 20-second sound-bytes.   Those brief words are a welcome respit to our otherwise busy lives.   So, when California Governors from Jerry Brown to Arnold Schwarzenegger have said they had a plan, we accepted their answers without any proof.   Therein lies the opportunity for betrayal.

“What is needed is not the illusion of innovation, but the reality of a comprehensive detailed plan the voters can see and scrutinize.”

Do not be deceived by campaigns that use some political slight of hand when they speak of a plan for the economy:

  •     the candidate somehow “forgets” to show the details, and then supposedly excuse themselves because the general populous wouldn’t relate to it.
  •     a campaign promise is laced with false hope over yesteryear’s political tools that are proven not to work, as if it is perfectly acceptible that the candidate is not even prepared.
  •     propose the notion that once in office their advisors would come up with something along the way and revise it until they find something that works, not ever realizing how much work there is involved in actually governing once in office.
  •     a plan based on wishful thinking that one can overburden the taxpayer even more, because their plan is without a means to pay for it.

All the while, the general public dies painfully slow waiting for relief until they are broken or angry.

“No, I am not like the other candidates.
I have a plan that you can see.”

What is different is that you can really see Stephen Rush’s detailed plan (Click on A New Way).   It is well thought-out and well designed, and you know what you are getting up front – even if you don’t agree with it.   It contains a premise that is based on solid economic theories and practice, the action point of how it is to be accomplished, and the method of fully funding and financially resourcing it, as well as supporting reasons.

Imagine you are somewhere in the future standing at a voting booth ready to select a candidate for Governor.   Take a moment to consider who you are voting for Governor of California in 2010.

Most all Californians are frustrated with politicians who use political tools that no longer work, but I will make certain my office find solutions that work for the people.   Of those voters who are looking for leadership experience, there is also a strong base of Californians are fed up with the corporate elite who do not understand the needs of Main Street.   But again, as for me and my office we will serve the needs of the people.   Many who come to this website are hoping for an innovator with quality leadership experience who also happens to have a plan for the economy.  

“Very few still think their vote should be based on whomever
has the most political experience.  We learned that lesson.
It is called betrayal.”

In his travels, Mr. Rush was asked about his views regarding subjects like abortion and gays by Republicans who like his economic ideas, but are unsure whether they can commit to his party’s stance on those issues.   They ask because voters feel betrayed by politicians who say one thing and do another.   The state of California needs a leader who can build a concensus and generate coalitions to get the budget passed.   It also happens to be an open Primary where Republicans can vote for a Democrat.   In addition, our President really needs a solid Democratic but unifying leader whose economic successes will make Obama’s policies look good - following all the congressional partisanship difficulties lately.   So, you are not going to hear an ultra-liberal bias from Mr. Rush in the Primary election just to get elected by members of his party.   What you are going to hear may become more polished as the campaign grows, but certainly no different in context.   Instead, “Stephen Rush the Unifier, the Moderate, the Concensus-builder” starts now.   The focus will be what he can do for Main Street.  

“An Economic Plan Beats No Plan;
A Well Thought-out Plan Is Even Better!”

In one sense, every candidate for Governor has a plan – a plan to get elected, a plan to consult with economic advisors, and a plan to hire a public relations advisor when it doesn’t work out.   It would be better to vote for one that knows how to save California and fix the economy, in a way that does not drown the state or overburden the taxpayer.

You’ve reached the conclusion millions of Californians already have:
Stephen Rush is the only real choice for Governor.

Step into your new reality and join the cause today!

Stephen L. Rush is an outstanding member of the community.   You may know him as CEO of For Fuel Freedom, Inc. (see Corporation), a successful inventor of an economically and environmentally sound renewable energy technology known as Super-cellulosic EthanolSM (see Discovery), or involvement in latino and women’s rights issues (see Women’s Rights), or even from his political commentaries (see Political Reform).   After Rush had climbed the ladder through accounting departments - all in various industries (see Biography), with his Business Management degree from California State Polytechnic in hand, this unique history gave Rush the ability to understand a wide variety of micro-economics and together creates a “big picture for the overall economy.”   He studied Kondratieff Wave theory (economic cycles) and John Nash’s belief that Milton Friedman and Adam Smith’s ideas are incomplete - giving special attention how they do not work during an economic decline.   It was the startling revelation in 2004 that because our key commodity is oil and because the additional energy that it is taking to extract oil means that our supply has ‘peaked’ beyond the half-way mark, the economy will therefore begin to show signs of decline.   Out of this came his patented invention for the bio-fuel process we know today as producing more than 3 times as corn ethanol!   From these beginnings, he has become what is known as a contrary economist - one who does not follow economic theories currently in favor.  

“I do not subscribe to the belief that the economy has to fail.

Because, if you think for some reason that Wall Street and Fortune 500 companies have valuable economic solutions for Main Street -
then I have a one-winged airplane I would like to sell you.”

Rush expects that his economic plan will be a great success.   That is good news for Main Street.  Thank you for running as our Governor.

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