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Stephen L. Rush
Moderate Democrat, Business Innovator, Contrary Economist

Who Has A Plan?

Rush Family Coat of Arms

of Stephen L. Rush

Born: November 1965, Riverside, California to Harry LeRoy Rush of Williamsport, Pennsylvania (deceased: son of Williamsport volunteer fireman Nathan T. Rush & Rosella Fritz; Korean war Navy veteran, body shop mechanic & electrician), and Betty Ruth of Los Angeles, California (since remarried daughter of WWII shop teacher Bruno Nowacki & Clementine Slawoszewski; elementary teacher, & school counselor).

Descendant of Benjamin Rush's family (Declaration Signer), grand nephew of Stephen Slawski (actor & inventor of Slawski Swivel ironing board), great great grandson of Walery Slawski (master carpenter, Walter Walters brother & suspected grand uncle to Barbara Walters).

(See Family Tree.)

Son: Gabriel LeRoy Rush.
Born: August 1997, Fontana, California.
Diagnosed as high-functioning autistic (spectrum, speech delay at age of 3).


Favorite Books: (only when the information is not available in any visual medium) �The Fourth Turning� Straus & Howe, �Amusing Ourselves To Death� Neil Postman, �Rome Wasn�t Burnt In A Day� Joe Scarbourough.

Favorite Movie Genres: political, action, sci-fi, comedy, and historical fiction drama or action (13 Days, Dave, Primary Colors; Man Who Knew Too Little, Spiderman, Batman Begins; Lord of the Rings, Galaxy Quest, Dune, Nemesis; Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Undercover Blues; National Treasure, The Patriot, Scarlet Pimpernel (1982), Mask of Zorro;
The Astronaut Farmer, The Pursuit of Happyness, Evan Almighty, Men of Honor, Field of Dreams).

Cold Stone Creamery concoction: �Political Platform� (butterfingers mixed into vanilla bean ice cream, with strawberries, blueberries, and whipped cream in stripes on top).

Heart-Healthy stunts: King's Soup (Soup of the Day + Instant Oatmeal marinated in Olive Oil).

Stephen L. Rush

Descendant of Declaration of Independence Signer's Family:
Dr. Benjamin Rush.
Descendant of Polish Lord: Count Smolinski.
Blazon of Arms: Rush and Smolinski.
Paternal Families: Rush, English, Fritz.
Maternal Families: Nowacki, Slawski (orig. Slawoszewski), Sczelascziewicz, Smolinski.

See Family Tree.

Declaration Of Independence


Favorite Sports: watch soccer slightly more than rare only because it was the only sport he ever excelled in and his wife being from Brazil helped.
Favorite Activities: enjoys jumping jacks on trampoline, hiking, philosophical writing, antique furniture replica woodworking.
Favorite Music: �Faith of the Heart� Rod Stewart, �Breathe� Anna Nalick, �Independence Day� Whiteheart, �Heart of a Champion� Carman, �Carrickfergus� Charlotte Church.
Favorite Television Shows: Star Trek (Orig., TNG, DS-9), Stargate, Modern Marvels, Seconds from Disaster, and West Wing.

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