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Stephen L. Rush
Moderate Democrat, Business Innovator, Contrary Economist

Who Has A Plan?

Favorite Paintings
of Stephen L. Rush


Landscape Signing of the Declaration of Independence - John Trumbull

Landscape The Landing of the Pilgrims - Michele Felice Cornè
Landscape Treaty With Indians & Pennsylvania - Benjamin West

Portrait of Dr. Benjamin Rush - Charles Wilson Peale, 1783

Presidents & Politicians

Portrait of Thomas Jefferson - Rembrandt Peale

Portrait of Abraham Lincoln - George Henry Story
Portrait of Dwight D. Eisenhower - Eisenhower Library & Museum

Portrait of John F. Kennedy - Anonymous
Portrait of Franklin Delano Roosevelt - Presidential Campaign Memorabilia

Portrait of Theodore Roosevelt - John Singer Sargent




Descendant of Declaration of Independence Signer:
Dr. Benjamin Rush.
Descendant of Polish Lord: Count Smolinski.
Blazon of Arms: Rush and Smolinski.
Paternal Families: Rush, English, Fritz.
Maternal Families: Nowacki, Slawski (orig. Slawoszewski), Sczelascziewicz, Smolinski.

Declaration Of Independence

  Stephen L. Rush, inventor of applied quantum politics and ABC´s of political reform, is a presidential candidate and frontrunner in 2008 for the democratic national party, astonishingly ahead of Hilary Clinton and Al Gore. Rush gets his roots from a Declaration of Independence signer, Dr. Benjamin Rush, and has been an active advocate of women's rights.   Find AboutSLR.htm
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