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"Rushing to the aid of the Economy, Environment, and Education for Californians!"
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Stephen L. Rush
Moderate Democrat, Business Innovator, Contrary Economist

Who Has A Plan?

Pertinent History
About Stephen L. Rush

Civic Accomplishments

2008 Chief Executive Officer and President,
For Fuel Freedom Incorporated, Henderson, Nevada
(See Company Information).
2007 Chief Executive Officer and President,
Wise Landfill Recycling Mining, Henderson, Nevada
(See Corporate Management).
2005 Chief Financial Officer, AMCCI, Los Angeles.
2005 Inventor of nutritional sprays directed at
vitamin-deficient autistic children.
2004 Talk About Curing Autism parent coalition member.
2002 Who’s Who in Executives for Women's Civil Rights in
Juarez, Mexico.
1999 Ran for SB College District Student Trustee.
1999 Founded Save Juarez Project saving women from sexual murder.
1997 Proposed on-the-job construction training while removing blight for area gangs.
1995 Math tutor for Moreno Valley Junior school.
1985 Ran for City Councilman, Rialto.
1984 Volunteer relief; laid sandbags near fire victims to prevent flooding/landslides.
1976 Freed stuck big rig from bridge by telling man
to let air out of tires (See Courage).

Signers of the Declaration of Independence Flag

Academic Achievements

2007 Invented Organic Breakdown of Fibers for use in
Cellulosic Ethanol (See Ethanol Discovery).
2006 Author of Domino Theory of Economics
(See Kondratieff Wave).
2005 Author of Applied Quantum Politics
(See ABC's of Reform).
2004 Bachelors Degree, Management, California Polytechnic University, Pomona, 3.176 G.P.A.
2003 Associates Degree, Accounting, Crafton Hills College, Yucaipa, 3.289 G.P.A.
2002 Mathematics Engineering Science Achievement leadership.
2002 Interpreted Lascaux Well Scene Narrative (Lines represent bird’s movement following bison kill, drops of blood represent times that the rhino charged when man wasn’t looking.)
2002 Proposed Scholarly Scientific Method for academic review.
1998 Authored Scholarly Scientific Method (Philosophy behind hypothesis can determine agenda bias or scientific validity by exposing extremes and fallacies).
1990 Vocational Certificate, Computer Programming, Computer Learning Center, Anaheim.
1985 High School Diploma, Eisenhower High, Rialto, 2.2 G.P.A.
1984 Lifetime Thespian member and Letterman’s Jacket in Theater.


Descendant of Declaration of Independence Signer Dr. Benjamin Rush.
Descendant of Count Smolinski, Poland.
Blazon of Arms, Rush and Smolinski.
Born: November 15, 1965, Riverside, California to Harry LeRoy Rush (deceased: Korean war veteran, body shop mechanic and electrician), and Betty Ruth (Nowacki) Bergfalk (remarried: elementary teacher, school counselor, and daughter of WWII shop teacher), great nephew of inventor, great great grandson of master carpenter.
Wife: Raquel Santana Abreu, Appraiser Treasurer. Born August 3, 1967, Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Son: Gabriel LeRoy Rush. Born August 18, 1997, Fontana, California. Diagnosed as high-functioning autistic (spectrum, speech delay) age of 3.
Paternal Families: Rush, Biddle, English.
Maternal Families: Nowacki, Slawski (orig. Slawoszewski), Sczelascziewicz, Smolinski.

Rush Family Coat of Arms

  Adam smith and david beck but desmond doyle and donald rumsfeld and edward belamy for james turk and jimmy hoffa and milton freidman of paul wolfowich and president abraham lincoln and president bush because president dwight d. eisenhower and president franklin delano roosevelt and president herbert hoover when president jimmy carter and president john f. kennedy and president richard m. nixon and president theodore roosevelt and president thomas jefferson and pruitt-igoe housing project and roger berger and ross perot and senator sheila kuehl and treasury secretary john snow and u.s. comptroller general david walker.   Find AboutSLR.htm
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