Rush For Governor 2010 Rushing to the aid of the Economy, Environment, and Education for Californians!

Stephen L. Rush
Populist Progressive, Business Innovator, Contrary Economist

Who Has A Plan?

Real Economic Plans For Main Street.

Future Governor Stephen Rush
    Since 2004, the contrary economist and bio-fuels CEO Stephen L. Rush has been working ways to strengthen the economy - to help avert economic crisis with the hope to stimulate the bio-fuels industry and put in place other agendas in time.   The housing market failed before that plan could be fully implemented, and now Stephen Rush is simultaneously "Rushing to the aid of Californians" - by creating environmental jobs, bringing business to California, and stimulating growth.   Mr. Rush is already doing just that, and now wants to extend those efforts as your Governor.

  Vision of Hope

    Stephen already has drafted a plan for California’s economy and wants the opportunity to see that plan be effective.   That plan calls for strengthening the dollar by reverse outsourcing, artificially widening the population with homeless work vouchers, creating environmental jobs without having to resort to corporate environmental philanthropy, and see businesses succeed by reducing health insurance costs.   Stephen Rush has promised Main Street that he and his office as Governor will serve the people and reverse the economic crisis, not merely get through it.

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Real Words Real Deeds.

    Voters feel betrayed by politicians who say one thing and do another.   The state of California needs a leader who can build a concensus and generate coalitions to get the budget passed.   So, you are not going to hear an ultra-extreme bias from me in the Primary election just to get elected.   What you are going to hear from me is a well-rounded discourse.  

    It’s a new day, so it’s time for a new way.   CA voters don’t want a Governor with just “any experience” because we learned that lesson.   Californians are also tired of political tools that are proven not to work.   Check out blogs around the state and learn how the public wants someone new, specifically an innovator:

As CEO of a bio-fuels company & innovator, I bring 17 years of leadership intuition & have an economic plan!   As for me my office, we will serve Main St. and ensure businesses thrive through profitable environmental development

    My “Biggie Plan” for the Economy, Environment, and Education can actually reverse the economic crisis:

  •     a) augment credit relief;
  •     b) bring environmental jobs;
  •     c) artificially widen the consumer population with programs for:
        ·     the homeless
        ·     gangs
        ·     parolees;
  •     d) reverse-outsource desalinization tech to China & India;
  •     e) reject penalty-based education standards while providing funding for teachers and special education.

You’ve reached the conclusion millions of Californians already have:

Stephen Rush is the only real choice on the ballot!


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